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Friday, 8 January 2021

The worlds halted to a stop and its a tad scary and strange,
But I have seen little benefits that have come with this this sudden change,
We're more grateful for the little things like quality family time,
All of a sudden video technology has become a life line,
My nanas figured out facebook and my mams a computer whizz,
We all keep our spirits high though our weekly family quiz,
We also miss the little things like going to nans house for our tea,
But just think how great it will feel when you finally get to meet,
Children will surely look back on this in the years to come,
and be thankful for the time they got to spend with dad and mum,
We have finally seen the importance of our nations health,
We've seen those who prop up society and its not those with all the wealth,
I hope we continue our gratitude towards the people in our healthcare system,
It's not just during a pandemic that we truly couldn't cope without them,

I hope we remember this loneliness that we currently feel,
And channel it into kindness when the world finally starts to heal,
I hope we continue to cherish the little things that we so often take for granted,
That we continue to radiate positivity no matter whatever cards were handed, 
I pray we remember the little things that really kept us sane, 
I hope that in someways things don't go back to being the same.


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