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Friday, 12 April 2019

Moda In Pelle: Launch at Fenwick Newcastle

I still pinch myself that I get invited to these kind of events! What a dream to browse a gorgeous range of shoes from Moda In Pelle ( Prosecco in hand) and then get to pick out my very own pair. The event was to celebrate the official launch of Moda In Pelle in Fenwick Newcastle. I have to admit that I didn't know much about the Moda In Pelle before the event, but I always love discovering new brands!

A little Back story: The brand was was founded in 1975 by Stephen Buck, they have been crafting beautiful leather shoes for over 40 years! They aim to bring together British design and Italian quality.

Looking around the store I was quite impressed at what a diverse age range this brand catered for, they do everything from glitzy sandals, comfy trainers to going out heels. I could line up every single woman in my family and there would be something to offer her here! At one point I was wishing I had a 9-5 job with a suit and such, just so I had an excuse to wear their gorgeous brogues and loafers.

There were quite a few shoes that stole my heart so choosing a pair to take home was quite a task. So I decided to photograph my absolute favourites! I think my top picks show just how diverse of a range they have! First up we have the trainer. Now I am not stereotypically a trainer kinda gal, but these screamed all kinds of Gucci vibes at me. These are just the chicest little pair of trainers I ever did see. Black with a leopard print pop and a stripe of red, also the chunky sole is so on trend! AND if you aren't obsessed with animal print are you even in 2019.

Second runner up were these gorgeous Valentino-esque heels, completely more my usual style.  Not only do they resemble a very popular design of shoe, the colours are just insane. I'm really into a statement shoe and these would certainly turn heads. The only reason I didn't end up with a pair in this style is because I have a few shoes similar in shape (not colour) and I wanted to go for something a little different to what I already own.

Here we have it, the raining champion... the boldest pair of shoes in the store! A gorgeous glossy pair of patent leather orange heels, with a block heel featuring a gorgeous metallic finish. Not only do they look amazing but oh the comfort.  They have a full leather padded sock which means you can dance the night away and still be able to walk the next morning. I was inspired to buy these after speaking with Leanne who was running the event, she mentioned that Moda In Pelle want their customers to be bold, to try something they might not usually lean to. These shoes are most certainly bold and I feel like they really capture my style I can see a 70's influence in the block heel and the metallic has a very 90's vibe.

I'm going to link the website here so you can all browse their shoes https://www.modainpelle.com But if you can why not pop into Fenwick Newcastle because the shoe's really are worth seeing in person! To wrap this up I really just want to say one last Thank you to Moda In Pelle and Fenwick Newcastle and another Huge thanks to Leanne for organising the event and being a such great host!

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