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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Old favourites & New found loves

I'm just going to put it out there, I keep my makeup way longer than recommended. Basically if it doesn't smell or look yuck, it gets to live another day. Expect mascaras and eyeliners, nobody wants an eye infection. So when I do these 'old' favourites posts, some of these items have genuinely been with me forever. (No shame) My Mac skin finishes were an obsession, when I first started really loving makeup. I own lots of Mac powders, but these two are ones I still reach for. I feel like Soft & gentle has a place in a lot of ride or die Mac fans hearts. This to me was the original highlighter before highlights became such a thing! I clearly have loved mine to death as I have hit pan. There are truly very few products I ever use that often, so its a real testament to how much I adore this. Golden Globe is another amazing skin finish by Mac, but seeming underrated. This when your tanned and summery just takes your glow full JLO. Forever a summertime / fake tan anytime favourite. 

The two Chanel items are complete happy accidents. The lippy my dad got me for Christmas because the colour I wanted was limited edition and out of stock and this one was similar! I actually think I prefer this to the one I chose! Its the shade Sourire, its very sheer with a light pink glittery cast! Very cute. The Coco Noir perfume my boyfriend bought me for Christmas, after becoming confused in the perfume store and picking this up thinking it was Tom for Black orchid (which I wore at the time). I really love the smell of this perfume and its not something I think I would have picked up for myself! So I'm pleasantly surprised, after all that he could remember was 'it comes in a black bottle' it could have been a true disaster. 

My newest found love are the Makeup revolution Pro brushes which I picked up for under £3 each. I'm truly impressed with the quality of these brushes for the tiny price point. They apply my foundation really nice and are much easier to clean that my other goat haired brushes. Don't get me wrong I'm not about to throw away my brush roll full of mac brushes but they certainly are a brilliant alternative if your on a budget! I can't really justify spending £20 plus on one brush these days, especially when there are such great cheaper alternative around! 

I'd love to know what your die hard favourites, maybe its a new obsession or a long term affair! Let me know!


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