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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

IntuMetrocentre Bloggers Event!

I'm quite excited to write this post, because last Thursday I went to my first ever blogger event... and my god have Intu Metrocentre set the president for events to come. If you are from the Newcastle area (which majority of my readers are) you are probably well acquainted with the Metrocentre. It's my first stop for shopping, it has so many brands under one roof, free parking and it's indoors so no rain! Which is obviously a big component when you live up north! If things weren't good enough they've just opened four new stores, which our little group of bloggers were lucky enough to get a tour of!

Firstly we all met for food and drinks and had a little mingle to get to know one another. The food was provided by Fattoush Lounge which is a new Lebanese restaurant that has just opened in the cube! Which I had already tried prior to the event because your gal is partial to a shawarma wrap... We then set off on our tour and by gosh did we travel in style! we all got escorted around in the Metrocentre mini train, which was too cute but I have to say my carriage exits weren't to dignified! It was such a fun way to travel around and a good way to get to know everyone because the carriages were certainly snug!

Our first little trip was to Hotel Chocolat, we didn't actually depart just sort of passed by and handed samples through the window, I ain't complaining who doesn't love sitting on their but and eating chocolate. Did you guys know that they did ice-cream! It was bloody delicious! They also gave me a little box of choccy Santa's which I've pretty much demolished! Since then I had a little browse on their website and their Christmas collection is adorable, go on their website and search a posse of penguins or the reindeer slab... too cute!

Our first official stop was  actually the Jack Wills pop up shop! It's only around for a limited time because the Metrocentre is actually getting a permanent store!! Word on the street is that it is opening in the platinum mall this Wednesday! They had some brilliant stock in the popup, I actually picked up a couple shirts for my fella in the black friday sale! What's even better is that the new store will stock the full range!! I can't wait to have a snoop around! We were also gifted some very cute red socks, which were very festive (I've just uploaded a pic on my insta) and a roller ball of one of their scents. So a massive thanks to Jack Wills and Intu Metrocentre for the gift!

Next on the agenda G-Star Raw. Now I'm not going to lie, I wasn't overly excited about visiting this store. It's a brand I associate with menswear, but after actually being introduced to the clothing I realised that is simply not the case. I actually liked a lot of the clothing in here, shout out to the orange sweatshirt below. ↓

After listening to a representative of the brand talk about the company, I learnt that they are one of the few brands that provide sustainable denim. And by god do they have a lot of choice just walking into the store you can see the entire back wall is covered top to bottom in women's denim jeans. If you're looking for an investment piece of denim its certainly the place to come. G-Star gifted us all a little denim tote which I will be now using as my bag for life (if I honestly ever remember to take it with me, anyone else do that?) and a cute little rhino keyring. The rhino is a key symbol for G-star because rhino's can't walk backwards (fact of the day) and this is a motto the company stands by, they only ever want to move forwards.

We then got treated to a little bit of pampering by Clarins, who gave me the most incredible hand massage! It's not a brand that I have ever really explored but after that treatment I was so impressed I wanted to know more. I was lucky enough to be given a sample box of some of their products and I am sooo hooked on the lip oil! It is my new obsession, legitimately going to order one immediately. Straight to Boots I go!

The next stop was at Couture Club a brand I had never heard of and honestly probably would have never stepped foot in, if I hadn't been taken inside. I'm just so uncool. Street style is not my thing, I love it but I just can't pull it off! However, I absolutely fell in love with some of the pieces they had in store. Especially a light wash denim jacket with the red Couture logo on the back. I was surprised how reasonably priced it was and even more surprised that there were actually things I really liked, even with my old biddy taste in fashion. They were kind enough to gift us a cap and T-shirt. I love the T-shirt the material is so thick and good quality, I threw it on with some mom jeans and loafers the other day and I actually loved my look. Maybe there's hope for me to dress casual after all...

This was not on the official tour but Quiz were kind enough to let us pick out some clothing! How amazing! I honestly can't get over how generous they were! I picked up a banging green satin bodysuit, some serious sexy elf vibes going on. I don't know if that's a thing, but let's roll with it. Keep your eyes peeled for an insta post coming soon!

On to the final event! I'm pretty sure every girl in driving distance of the Metrocentre was overjoyed when it was announced that we were finally getting a VICTORIA SECRET! We have been deprived of gorgeous underwear and cute pjs for to long. If you haven't had a look around the new store yet, it definitely won't disappoint. In true VS style the store exudes feminine luxury. The gorgeous design is all part of the shopping experience, that makes VS so special. I've included a few photos from both VS and Pink, because I'm obsessed with the decor. I think it is the perfect place to pick up a Christmas gift, whether its undies, pjs or their amazing range of smellies! You can't really go wrong, all women love that little pink striped bag! I usually tend to get my undies from Vs and lean towards pink for both pjs and gym wear. My favourite underwear range has to be the dream angles, they are always ultra feminine, delicate little pieces. Our last surprise was that we were offered fitting and then allowed to take home a bra of our choice! How bloody lucky am I, it's not every day you get given a bra from VS. No guesses which range I chose from either, look out for a more in-depth post on my gorgeous gifted bra!

Lastly I want to just briefly say a massive thank you to everyone involved in the event, I'm  still so honoured to have even been invited! It was lovely meeting all the fabulous ladies who blog in my area too! I also have yet to mention the incredible goody bag, jam packed with products that I can't wait to share with you over on my insta! Hope you all enjoyed this post and will make a journey to check out these fab new brands in the Metrocentre! Oh and side note keep an eye on my instagram for little snapshots of some of the gifts I mentioned! it's  @kelsreaay and why not give @intumetrocentre a follow too for shopping inspo and the latest news!


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