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Sunday, 16 September 2018

Dior Airflash Backstage Pro's

I am so obsessed with having leaves in my images at the moment... I don't know why I'm just feeling it.  I'm also going to add a new little feature to my reviews a pros and cons list for people who don't have time to read my lengthy reviews... scroll to the bottom. Now that I've gotten that out the way lets get onto what you came here for, my thoughts on the Dior Airflash foundation. 

Foundation and face products are my favourite part of makeup. I am OBSESSED with creating a beautiful base, it is for me the most satisfying part of doing my makeup. So I guess you could probably say that I am a bit of a foundation junkie. I buy and test lots of different kinds from different brands in search for the perfect finish. Truthfully I don't think I will ever stop testing foundations purely because I love trying new things too much! I must say that this foundation is the only one in a long time that has made me consider not trying anything else. So there's a little clue on how this review is going to pan out.

So let's get a feel of what this product is and what it claims to preform like. I'll insert the information from Boot's, which is where I purchased this product.

 'An iconic spray foundation that delivers an airbrushed effect with precision and ease, now available in new shades. Enriched with light-diffusing pigments, this foundation instantly smooths the look of skinned boosts radiance for a perfect complexion that lasts all day, even on the runway. The unique micro-diffusion system delivers a fine mist of foundation to provide a soft, velvety complexion. The water-resistant formula ensures up to 12 hours of hold and colours that stay true. It's ultra-fluid and ultra-fine texture allows for buildable, custom coverage to suit any skin tone and texture. The Airflash range has expanded to include new shades that adapt to the cool tones or warmer tones of any skin colouring, imparting flawless coverage and a long-lasting finish for a radiant, glowing complexion. Mother of pearl pigments even skin tone and diminish the appearance of skin irregularities and fine lines, leaving your skin glowing with optimal radiance.'

So that's quite a write up by Dior, you can't argue that they have written an impeccable little paragraph, that would pretty much persuade anyone to give it ago. So here I am actually trying the product so you can distinguish whether these claims are more than just fluffy advertising to get your money. Which by the way would cost you £35.00 for this foundation. Let's start with packaging an essentially useless part of the review but we would all be lying if we said that it did not impact our purchases. This like every other Dior product exudes luxury, the beautiful silver lid paired with the glossy finish of the can looks so elegant. It is the quality you would expect of a Dior product. My only gripe is that the silver lid gets smarmy with finger print marks but that's just me being a little obsessive.

When you remove the lid you are presented with a spray, this is essentially an aerosol can. I was worried that this product could be potentially gimmicky... something I don't associate with Dior but in the name of curiosity I was willing to give it ago. Dior recommends that you apply it in one of two ways, for a light coverage you spray the foundation directly to the skin in a Z motion 20cm from your face. For a heavier coverage it is recommended that you spray the products onto a kabuki brush and apply in circular motions. I have personally applied it directly to my skin in a Z motion and I do agree that this is affective IF you wear a headband that covers your hairline and expect for it to cover your lips. I then pat the foundation into my skin with a Beauty blender to ensure my entire face is covered. You could just spray it on and go but I think you achieve a more precise coverage if you then go over with your sponge. This method provided quite a light coverage, it looked very natural but at the same time very flawless. It seems to have a blur effect and smooth out skin texture, the only thing I think it failed to cover with this technique is redness around my cheeks and nose. I have not applied it with a kabuki because personally I don't really like using brushes as I find they create streaks and apply to heavily. But another method I tried to get a fuller coverage was spraying the foundation to specific areas of my face and then spreading it around with my beauty blender. I felt that this improved the coverage of the foundation and it still had the blurring and smoothing effect. So essentially I think this foundation can achieve a light to a very good medium coverage. I'm not too sure about full because that's not really a look I go for.

Moving on to colour match. A common problem I have moaned about on my blog is finding a good colour match. I have massive issue finding a foundation with undertones that suit my skin. Everything is so pink or yellow and my skin is almost neutral with a touch of olive green. Quite a difficult undertone, because foundations only ever cater to this skin tone in deeper shades. I have light olive skin! Apparently companies just ignore my existence. I bought the shade Almond which is a light foundation with a cool undertone which isn't perfect but it's still a pretty good match! I picked this shade online because it looked like the most neutral light shade. I will say that this shade also did not oxidise which is brilliant! So the shades are true to colour. There are 18 shades which sounds impressive but essentially its a lot of light and medium shades and one dark shade. Which lets be honest is not diverse at all. It goes from dark beige shades to one Mocha shade on the boots website. So although there might be more options in terms of undertone it seems that is only applicable if you are of light to medium skin tone.  This is obviously not an issue that effects me, but in the wider beauty community is something that is continually a problem for many and I think it needs to be mentioned until we achieve complete diversity in the beauty market.

The finish I would describe as semi Matte. It is certainly a matte foundation but the blurring effect adds life to the skin and makes it more skin like... does that make sense? I really like the finish I think it makes your skin look very flawless but at the same time still like skin! That's essentially what everyone wants out of a foundation to look like we have naturally beautiful skin. I find that the lasting power is pretty good, I have oily skin and I find that I have very little breakthrough. I think this is attributed to the alcohol in the formula that makes the spray dry pretty quickly. I think 12 hours is a bit of a stretch but I do often touch my face so I wouldn't expect it to last forever. The staying power is good, nothing extraordinary but I would say that its oil control is brilliant.

Overall I really like this foundation. Which is not something I say very often. I feel like the colour, coverage and oil control are really good! I believe you receive some benefit from the spray function as it allows you to achieve a very light coverage. It disperses the perfect amount of foundation to achieve an almost airbrushed effect.  I have been pairing this with my YSL Touche Eclat primer and I think that this just takes this foundation to the next level. It adds extra radiance to a brilliant foundation and I honestly think these two products are something that everyone should have in their beauty arsenal.

Quick overview for you busy folk! 

  • Buildable coverage
  • blurring and smoothing effect
  • good range of undertones
  • quick application once you have a hang of it
  • chic packaging as always
  • semi matte finish that looks airbrushed
  • Great oil control
  • Reasonably long wearing 
  • Can get in your hairline and gets on lips
  • Needs practise to get used to spray function 
  • Poor shade range for darker skin colours


Caseapp Collaboration!

So firstly a huge thank you to the team at Caseapp for arranging this collaboration! I absolutely adore the items I have received! (ps Discount code down below!) 

If you haven't heard of Caseapp they create custom phone cases and laptop skins. You can choose from a variety of gorgeous pre-made designs or you can unleash your creativity and design your own. I decided to try out both services, so I ordered two pre-made pieces and I designed my own phone case. If you don't know by now, I'm a pretty creative little soul so the thought of adding my own design was so cool. I spent a few hours having a browse on the interweb for inspiration and producing my design.  I made a few mocks and the Llama design is the one I stuck with! I think it's pretty cute! Caseapp do cases for iPhones, Samsung and iPads. They also produce skins for a range of brands Microsoft, Google, HTC, Apple, Nokia and Samsung.  You also have the option to choose a matte or glossy finish, personally I love glossy finish, I think it stays cleaner for longer!

I also order this super cute floral parrot print for my Mac book and another phone case.  It was truly hard to pick a print because they have some beautiful options. There really is something for everyone, cute animal prints, chic patterns, sassy cases, cutesy cases you name it they got it. And if they don't, make your own! Another option is to customise their marble collection with your name, possibly even your blog name that would be cute! Perhaps that's my next purchase. Overall I'm really impressed with the quality of the cases and the delivery was super fast which is always a bonus!
So if you feel inspired to get a new case or jazz up your laptop with a personalised skin you can access the site here: https://bit.ly/2N8BfTJ    and use my code LIFEOFKELS20 to receive 20% discount!
Happy shopping! 

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