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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Hello Happy Foundation

One of the first foundations I ever used was Benefit's playstick in the shade paper dolls. I distinctly remember loving this foundation, from the shade to the little cylinder cardboard outer packaging.but I'm pretty sure they don't even make it anymore but for many years it was my pride and joy. I wish I could say that my romance with Benefit had lasted a life time (or at least the 23 years I've so far existed) but apart from their brow products there's very few items that have taken my breath away. I hate to sound mean but I always feel like the brand is style over substance, beautiful creative packaging wrapped around average products. Harsh! I hear you cry, but read it back I said average I didn't say poor. A lot of the products I've used from benefit have been good, but not good enough for me to uproot my old faithfuls from my makeup bag and make their products permanent residents. So because of my ill feelings towards the brand... perhaps manifested by the longing for a product that no longer exists... I usually skip over their new releases. To put it blankly it's not a brand I have on my radar. 

I honestly only picked this up out of sheer impulse. My cousin wanted me to order it for her and I just had a mild moment of spontaneity and ordered one for myself. I had pretty much no expectations, other than it would look super cute in a flatlay. I think they are ultimately the best purchases, when you're not really expecting to love something and it ends up being something you really like. Yes cats out the bag, I like the foundation. For once I feel like the beautiful packaging matches the quality of the product and I couldn't be more happy that I spent my hard earned coin on this. Why do I like this foundation.. let me count the ways:

  1. Lightweight but great coverage
  2. Matte but not heavy or caked, skin still looks like skin!
  3. Great oil control 
  4. Good longevity 
  5. Small amount goes a long way.
So I had a little looksee on Benefits site to see what they claimed this product does: ''This lightweight foundation evens out skin tone and blurs imperfections with soft-focus optical blurring spheres. With a natural-matte finish and light-to-medium coverage, it looks like skin and feels like nothing at all. Happy looks good on you!''.  For once I pretty much agree with the overall description of this foundation, I think the foundation is very light, but offers good coverage and has a beautiful matte finish that still looks like skin texture and has a life to it that some foundations just lack. Matte usually makes me cringe, I really hate looking like you've got a mask of dull foundation on. I don't know how but this foundation has got the right balance. For an oily girl who needs shine control but doesn't want to look dull and loose the skins natural luminosity, this is your best friend. I feel like this foundation was hand made for me...that annoying girl who's like ' I have oily skin, but I hate matte, oh but also I don't want to be tooo shiny.' I know only a hand full of you will relate to that, but if you do just know that your time has come! I'm leaving this review here, I think its clear that it's secured a spot in my makeup bag, how about yours?


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