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Thursday, 9 August 2018

ABH Norvina Palette First Impressions

If you came here via instagram, then you probably know that this isn't going to be a gushing review. I typically don't do first impressions but fuck it I feel like venting my frustrations. So grab a snack and get comfy cause I'm here to ramble on for a while.

I'll start with a little background info, I usually adore abh shadows I own Modern renaissance, soft glam and prism all of which I rate. I also really love purple shadows so this is not because this palette doesn't appeal to me. Because let's be honest I'm not in the habit of spending £43 on shadows I think I won't wear. I also have ZERO issue with the formulation in the sense of fall out/ kick up, I blend quite softly and all though I experience fall out it's not really an issue for me. What I'm finding with this palette is that the shades look so different in the pan to when they are applied to the lid.

 When swatching the shadows I was impressed with the iridescence of the shimmer shades, yet when I put them on my lid I found them incredibly lack lustre. Celestial in particular had very little shimmer too it even when I used my finger instead of a fibre brush. The only one that really had some intensity I found was wild child but even then I foiled the shadow with fix plus to add a bit more oomph. The shade love really confused me because it looked like a peachy pink colour in the pan, it was so much darker on my lid. I intended to use it in my crease but it came up so much darker with almost a brown cast too it. Soul was the colour that really drew me to this palette, it's a really unique colour. So of course I wanted to incorporate it into a look, I found that the pay off wasn't that great even building up the colour and patting it on the shade just felt muted and dull. Maybe it just doesn't suit my skin tone? I really don't know. I used love in the crease first and tried to blend in soul to it, to make a gradient but it just kind of looked dark and messy I tried to brighten it up by adding celestial to the lid and adding wild child foiled to the centre, but it all just got very dark and a bit amateurish really fast. Which is really odd because all of these colours are pretty light.

I'm kind left a bit puzzled, looking at images on Anastasia's site and images on the gram of peoples creations and I am stumped. How did they get these vibrant looks? To me every matte shadow applied darker than what it looked like. Don't get me wrong this is not a disaster palette and I spent my hard earned coin on it so you bet I'll fucking use it... but I'm left just feeling so underwhelmed so sad at what this palette could of been. Why do such bright colours feel so dark and muted? Maybe it's just me, perhaps I have super high expectations or maybe I have just completely misunderstood the concept of this palette. I think I will use this palette but not to create an entire look, I will pick and choose colours to combine with other shadows and try and make this work, for the sake of my bank balance and my guilty shoppers conscious.

Please comment your feelings if you've bought this palette I need to know if it's just me or if this palette's got you on makeup downer too. Final comment is that I still love you ABH I'm just not in love with this palette, but maybe I just need to give it some time.


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