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Thursday, 14 June 2018

That Burberry Glow

Let's all just take a moment to digest the beautiful packaging that lays before us. Once you are fully satisfied that you've given these perfectly designed bottles enough of your attention, I will allow you to divulge into my rambley product review. I know its awfully shallow to judge a beauty product by it's cover so to speak, but I'd be lying if I said that presentation doesn't effect my opinion. I'm a creative person, and in my world everything must be pleasing to the eye... plus if I'm paying top dollar I want something with a certain Je ne sais quoi. To cut a long story short, it's safe to assume that I find the packaging momentously appealing. The simple, sophisticated style had me from the cardboard outer and that's before I even knew what was inside. The contents of the boxes did not disappoint in their beauty either. I'm going to stop waxing lyrically about packaging design now, but rest assured I could go on. 

Now on to the stuff that actually matters. I purchased the Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in the shade Golden Radiance and the Fresh Glow B.B Cream in the shade Nude Rose. I'm really into BB creams at the moment, Dr Jarts and Shesido's have currently been my go to bases. On first swatch of the BB cream I thought Sh*t, (actually I probably said it out loud) because it looked way to light. I thought I'd made a pricey little boo boo, but turns out it blends out really bloody nice. *phewww wipes sweat from brow* Friends I'm not gonna lie the colour range is pretty abysmal, there are three shades all of which are pretty fair. This BB is incredibly sheer, it really is a your skin but better product. By this I mean, it will not cover blemishes but it is going to disguise redness or uneven skin tone and add radiance to your face. If you are all about the coverage, I assume you aren't really down for BB creams anyway but just in case this totally isn't for you. This is for enhancing natural beauty and adding radiance, not full beat. Lately I'm swaying more towards the natural look during the week and I think this is going to be perfect for work days. Last thing to mention is it is lightly scented, I like the smell but it kinda reminds me of suncream. It does contain spf 20 so perhaps that's why! Retails at £30 @ Feel unique or the Burberry site.

Complete opposite reaction when I swatched the illuminating primer. Yasss honey, drench me in this liquid. How beautiful is that glow? This product comes in two shades Nude and Golden, I opted for golden as I prefer gold reflects to silver. Purely because I think it compliments my olive skin tone better. It is not a secret that I am a slave to the siren call of a liquid highlight... actually any form of highlight. I'm trying really hard to be objective and not let my obsession cloud my judgement. Is it unique? Do I have anything else like it? Is it better than the ones I already own? The honest answer to every single one of those questions is probably no, yet here I am besotted. The allure of another pretty little highlight has gotten the better of me yet again. It looks beautiful under the BB cream, it gives your skin a really radiant finish that looks so natural. If you are a highlighter fiend like myself I would suggest you pick this up. Which lets face it, if you're spending your time reading beauty blogs and you have made it to the end of this post... you probably are as addicted to makeup as me. So I'll just leave it at happy shopping.

Retailing at £34 @ the Burberry site.

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