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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Stick 'em Up.

Does anyone else get lured in by the spam email beauty companies send you? Yeah me too. Bobbi Brown recently had a spin the wheel type game where you won prizes. I happened to win a free full sized product when you purchase any Bobbi Brown product. I wasn't really in the market for anything in particular but ended up ordering a stick foundation just so I could receive my *free gift*. I'm such a sucker. Bravo for the good marketing ploy though, you got me.  ANYWAY,  I got a free full size glow stick which retails for £26 so I did get a good deal and I am actually really loving my foundation stick, so all in all it was a good decision.

Let's talk about the free gift, the glow stick in the shade sun kissed. First thing I thought was probably not my shade, maybe when I have a tan because I do go pretty dark... but right now my winter coat is in and I'm pasty as hell. I have had a little play with it regardless and I was surprised that it isn't as dark as it looks. In fact it's quite translucent, it really didn't look too dark after all and indeed did look sun kissed. So I was pretty happy with the colour, what I didn't like was the texture, this is just too oily for me. It really disturbed any makeup that was underneath it and I felt like it rubbed off because it just didn't feel like it dried down. That being said I have combo oily skin so if you're on the drier side you may really like this. I read the reviews on the website and it seems like oily girls are in agreement that it doesn't dry down. But those with dry skin seem to really love the hydrating aspect.   I'm not giving up on it just yet though as I want to try this when I am adorning a tan and not wearing any base products, I have a feeling this is going to look nice on the cheekbones and collar bones when I am actually sun kissed and the sun has dried out my skin a little.

All is not lost though, the free gift wasn't the product of my dreams but I am really loving the foundation. When I first applied this I was expecting the worse, because upon just swiping the product on my face it really enlarged my pores. I persevered with it and blended it out with a beauty blender dampened with some setting spray and it looked so beautiful. It has great coverage without being ridiculously matte or cakey. I still feel like my natural radiance shines through but it covers any uneven skin tone or redness. The most impressive thing about this foundation is its colour, it matches me perfectly. I really struggle finding a good undertone because I'm quite neutral and things often look really yellow or really pink on me. I got the shade cool ivory mainly because it seemed a little more on the neutral side in the swatch when compared to ivory which seemed pink and warm ivory which seemed very yellow.  I'm amazed I managed to colour match via the Internet so perfectly but here we are, and I'm over the moon. It is supposed to be for all skin types, which always makes me dubious. However it lasts reasonably well, considering I'm very oily and I touch my face a lot, it doesn't look too bad at the end of a shift. Not ridiculously good when it comes to longevity but decent I'd say a top up or blot would be required 5 hours in, if you are oily like me.

I'm pretty pleasantly surprised because this foundation was such a whim of a buy. Isn't it great when you have zero expectations about something and it really blows you away! This product has wormed its way into my everyday routine, and now I'm super excited to try more of their products. God help my bank balance!

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