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Monday, 12 March 2018

The Great British Cupcakery: Newcastle Upon Tyne

I often find myself looking at naughty treats on random people's instagram's. My drooling face turns to disappointment when I realise nearly all of them are from London. There just seems to be so many quirky little eateries in the capital, I wish we had more here in Newcastle. One however that is equally tasty as it is beautiful (and close to home) is The Great British Cupcakery, which is located on the quayside. They've recently started doing those giant calorific milkshakes, so naturally I had to go get one.

When I arrived I was torn between getting a bubble waffle or a milkshake, finally I compromised and got a waffle milkshake. It's not really a compromise but it's better than ordering both. There were so many yummy treats to choose from, that I really wanted to order a few things, but obviously I wouldn't be able to finish them all and that would be a waste. You just don't waste cake. I was swayed between a milkshake stacked with doughnuts and the waffle one, obviously my love for waffles won. It was a strawberry shake, topped with cream, nuteella, lots of waffles, icing sugar and a strawberry drizzle. Yes I too can feel myself getting a cavity and my arteries crying, but it's a one off treat. Plus it's all in the name of blogging, right? Just look how pretty it is too, I know that's not really a legitimate reason to go eat somewhere, but in the age of instagram did you even go out for food if you didn't upload it to the gram..

I throughly enjoyed stuffing my face with waffles, cream and nuteella and I enjoyed about a quarter of the milkshake before I felt physically sick. Moral of the story don't be a pig like kelsey go share the damn thing with someone else. Next time I'll get nath to share with me or y'know not be greedy and just get a waffle.

Nathan was a lot more conservative than me and got a chocolate scone, which looked delish. Warning his hands were covered in melted chocolate by the end of it, so go in expecting to come out like a toddler who managed to pull their biscuit out of the wrapper. He did however help me finish off my milkshake because I did not want to be defeated and I'm pretty sure he had his fair helping of the cream on top too. So if you're in the toon and you have yet to find one of these quirky little haunts then pop into The GB Cupcakery just off the Quayside, but make sure you take a large appetite or a partner in confectionary crime! 


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