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Sunday, 11 February 2018

The Beaumont with Bae

It's not really a secret that I love going out for dinner. My perfect date night is getting glammed up, sipping prosecco in a ambient restaurant, eating really good food. My favourite little spot in my hometown of Hexham has to be The Beaumont hotel. This is my third visit, the soufflé just keeps bringing me back. So, when Nath suggested that we should go there for an early valentines meal, I thought I'd take the opportunity to take a few snaps of our meal and write a little review.

My absolute favourite course from The Beaumont is the Souffle made with Northumberland original cheese in a Parmesan sauce, garnished with a mixed leaf salad. Not only is this always presented so beautifully, it is honestly the most moreish, indulgent yet homely little starter. If you love cheese as much as I do, you cannot give this a miss. Nathan likes to annoy me and call this 'a Scone thing' but only because it reminds him of his late nan's home cooked cheese scones, which are his favourite childhood memory. That is probably the highest compliment my boyfriend could ever make. So there you have it Chic Nan's homemade scones in a fancy sauce.

As mentioned moments ago I am all about the cheese, so aged Parmesan sauce on a wild mushroom and black truffle Lasagna is right up my street. I really love a good vegetarian option, I don't like beef so I usually only have veggie lasagna. I'm also not the biggest fan of tomato so the rich creamy sauce was perfect for me. Once again this was a very rich and indulgent meal, so only a small portion is required. Quality over quantity is what I say.

Finally for desert I could not resist the sound of sticky toffee date pudding with apricot jam, pecan brittle and vanilla ice-cream. Tell me that doesn't sound bloody amazing. ANOTHER incredibly rich blend of flavours. The sweet sauce was perfectly complimented by the sharp apricot jam, whilst the small pieces of date running throughout the sponge added a sweet and fruity note to the pudding. You can't have pudding without ice cream. The contrast between hot and cold is what's so great about this combo, add the crunchy texture of the pecan brittle and it's just pure heaven.

If you appreciate beautifully presented food, great blends of flavours that maybe you usually wouldn't try and not break the bank; you should totally give this a try. 3 courses for £20 for food this high quality is honestly just stunning. I mean I've spent that on pizza hut... So if you are in the Hexham are or even Newcastle consider getting the train over have a little wander around our market town and book a table at The Beaumont, I swear you'll not be disappointed.


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