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Friday, 2 February 2018

Lazy Day's

I swapped my work days around this week and ended up with a super long weekend... Yay. So I decided to indulge this morning and make myself breakfast and eat it in bed, with a good magazine and netflix on tap. After all I had absolutely no reason to rush around today, so why not make the most of it. The indistinguishable food in the middle is an omelet gone wrong, or in other words my renowned gourmet scrambled eggs... trust me if you present something nicely enough no one will question it.  So there we have it fancy eggs accompanied by toast and a smoothie. Not a bad start to the day at all.

I have been buying a lot of home ware items lately and I am dying to do a little haul for you guys but I am still waiting for a few things to be delivered. To be honest I'm pretty pissed about it, I ordered  from the Laura Ashley sale a week ago and they still haven't arrived. Which I think is pretty crap considering they charge for delivery, you would at least expect it to come within a working week. Anyway as soon as they arrive I will divulge what I have been purchasing and putting away for my future home.

Side note I'm on a bit of a health kick at the moment, focusing on making healthier choices food wise and trying to be more active. I think I am going to do a proper introduction post which will most likely include a not very flattering but accurate image of what my body looks like at the moment (I am about a week and a half into calorie counting). I'm hoping having a not so great bikini picture of me floating around the net will inspire me to get myself in shape. So look out for a post to come about what my goals are and how I aim to achieve them. So that is basically all the is going on in my life at the time being. Today has mainly been filled with cuddling my dog and watching Riverdale on Netflix. I plan to do a quick work out and then have some dinner and the rest of the night is a blank page, that will most likely be filled with more Netflix.

If anyone has any great health tips/diet plans/ nutrition advice etc please let me know because I am as green as grass when it comes to this stuff. Thanks for reading!


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