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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Beauty Products That Won't Dissapoint

I adore reading people's favourite posts, It's always nice to see what products people think are worth your hard earned coin. I only focused on a couple products, that are pretty much items I use daily and would repurchase without hesitation. I chose a lip product, a palette and body care.  To kick things off I'll start with the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. 

I have a plethora of eyeshadows, but the one that keeps me coming back for more is the Modern Renaissance. I think its a really great palette for subtle or dramatic makeup. Using the neutral colours in the crease and Primavera all over the lid you can easily create a daily look. In the next breath you can play around with dusty or deep pinks and you have a much more dramatic look. In terms of shadow quality you can't beat ABH they are super pigmented. I own two of their palettes and have just ordered a third and I have had no issues. Agreed the more pigmented the shadow usually the more fall out you get but that is just part and parcel of this type of shadow. In terms of the shimmers I find them incredibly creamy. My favourite of all eyeshadow palettes and I'm so excited to try there new soft glam palette (little promo for a future first impressions post).

In general I love Jo Malone, Pomegranate Noir is my absolute favourite scent. I honestly recommend all of their products, from their hand cream, to their perfumes. But the stand out product in my eyes is the body creme, not only is it a really hydrating moisturiser but the fragrance is so strong. I find that the scent from the body cream lasts longer than the perfume. I also own the little perfume, the candle and the hand cream but using all four at once is a bit of sensation overload. Pricey but totally worth it. 

Last product and one that is always in my handbag. I bought this high shine lip gloss on a spur of the moment visit to sephora in Rome. I hadn't tried any Marc Jacobs products but I have honestly not touched another lipgloss since. I adore this shade in skin deep, its such a natural colour and I have had so many compliments since wearing this. I love the formula and the applicator is really nice, which makes such a difference. I love it so much that I'm going to go and buy more shades and that's obviously a testament to the products because £22 for a lipgloss is bloody absurd. I have my eyes on moon glow, sugar sugar and Rahrah which are all a similar hue to this perfect shade.

Hope you enjoyed my little selection of ultimate favourites, I'd love to know if any of these products fall under your favourites or if I've tempted you give any of them ago. Also if you've got a favourites post, leave the link and I'll give them a read!

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Cooking with Kels: Breakfast Muffins

If your life is anything like mine, mornings are a series of frantic events. At times I'm so unorganised that I often go without breakfast. Or on good days you'll see me running to my car with toast in hand. It is to be said that my personal life can be a a whirl wind of organised chaos. Recently I have been making more of an effort to get my personal life in check; in particular eating healthier and being more organised. I suppose the other morning I killed two birds with one stone (excuse the grim expression).  Breakfast muffins are so quick and easy to make, plus you can make a batch and pop them in the fridge and your good to go for a few days.  Also you can make them super healthy and tasty. If you are interesting in flavour combos and how to make them keep on reading!

So the basic recipe for this is just an egg whisked with cheddar, salt and pepper, then add you extra ingredients. It's basically scrambled eggs or a quiche without the base. You can pretty much add any flavours you want, but I suggest something that packs a punch as it can be pretty bland if you don't add some strong flavours. My favourite combos are Spring onion and Broccoli, Grated Garlic & Mushroom and Chill and Red Pepper. This is honestly a recipe that you can make in a coffee mug, whisk your egg add your ingredients and pour into a muffin tin then bake for 15-20 minuets depending on your oven.  I think there best eaten when warm, so you can eat them straight away or zapp them in the microwave at a later time. The perfect healthy breakfast or on the go snack! Have fun experimenting with flavours, Id love to know if you give these a go.


Sunday, 11 February 2018

The Beaumont with Bae

It's not really a secret that I love going out for dinner. My perfect date night is getting glammed up, sipping prosecco in a ambient restaurant, eating really good food. My favourite little spot in my hometown of Hexham has to be The Beaumont hotel. This is my third visit, the soufflé just keeps bringing me back. So, when Nath suggested that we should go there for an early valentines meal, I thought I'd take the opportunity to take a few snaps of our meal and write a little review.

My absolute favourite course from The Beaumont is the Souffle made with Northumberland original cheese in a Parmesan sauce, garnished with a mixed leaf salad. Not only is this always presented so beautifully, it is honestly the most moreish, indulgent yet homely little starter. If you love cheese as much as I do, you cannot give this a miss. Nathan likes to annoy me and call this 'a Scone thing' but only because it reminds him of his late nan's home cooked cheese scones, which are his favourite childhood memory. That is probably the highest compliment my boyfriend could ever make. So there you have it Chic Nan's homemade scones in a fancy sauce.

As mentioned moments ago I am all about the cheese, so aged Parmesan sauce on a wild mushroom and black truffle Lasagna is right up my street. I really love a good vegetarian option, I don't like beef so I usually only have veggie lasagna. I'm also not the biggest fan of tomato so the rich creamy sauce was perfect for me. Once again this was a very rich and indulgent meal, so only a small portion is required. Quality over quantity is what I say.

Finally for desert I could not resist the sound of sticky toffee date pudding with apricot jam, pecan brittle and vanilla ice-cream. Tell me that doesn't sound bloody amazing. ANOTHER incredibly rich blend of flavours. The sweet sauce was perfectly complimented by the sharp apricot jam, whilst the small pieces of date running throughout the sponge added a sweet and fruity note to the pudding. You can't have pudding without ice cream. The contrast between hot and cold is what's so great about this combo, add the crunchy texture of the pecan brittle and it's just pure heaven.

If you appreciate beautifully presented food, great blends of flavours that maybe you usually wouldn't try and not break the bank; you should totally give this a try. 3 courses for £20 for food this high quality is honestly just stunning. I mean I've spent that on pizza hut... So if you are in the Hexham are or even Newcastle consider getting the train over have a little wander around our market town and book a table at The Beaumont, I swear you'll not be disappointed.


Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Homeware Haul

I might have previously mentioned that I am a little excited about moving out into my own home within the next year... Well phase one of excitement was pinteresting all my fabulous home decor dreams. After I had established what my style was, Phase two was to go out and purchase a few things a month and create a 'bottom draw' as my mother would call it. If you haven't heard that expression before it basically means buying things for your house and putting them away. I'm pretty confident I know my style so I've been collecting little pieces now and then; and I thought I'd share with you some of my finds. 

I'll start by saying that Laura Ashley is what my home decor dreams are made of. Modern country living is 110% my style. The downside to that being it's pretty pricey. Luckily for me I picked up a few little pieces in the sale. Pictured above matching bread bin and caddy. I have no idea what I will use the caddy for, but I really liked it, so I bought it. The caddy looks a little darker on photo but that's just because my studio light is washing out the bread bin (amateur). Anyway, I just thought that they were really nice simple and elegant pieces that I would happily place on my kitchen bench. These items are still available on Laura Ashley's site if you are interested. Cream Bread Bin Washing Caddy I have to say that Laura Ashley's delivery is a little to be desired, I paid around £4 and it took over a week to arrive. Which I don't really consider to be great service.

It might be rather transparent by now that I'm a bit obsessed with hedgehogs. I had to have the cups that matched my 'Hedgehug & kisses' cushion from Next and I also picked up these adorable lil' salt and pepper shakers from B&M bargains. I'm trying not to get over run with the hedgehog theme, so apart from the hedgehog shaped knife block that I have also bought, I'm leaving hedgehog items alone now. The coasters are grey and purple tartan from Laura Ashley in the sale, but unfortunately are sold out now, which sucks because I wanted the placemats too. The toast wrack, which might I say is the most pointless but fabulous purchase of 2018, is also from Laura Ashley. The little gold hen is what made me really want it, clearly I can't resist cute animals. The speckled rose gold flutes were  gift in a champagne bucket so I can't link those, but I had to include them as they fit with my theme so well. The tray is from Mary Berry's collection and was a bit of a splurge but I love the colour and the bird drawing in the centre. Lastly in this little collection is my tea towels which I picked up in pound land off all places, one thing I know is that tea towels get grubby and burnt straight away so don't buy expensive ones. These were a quid and they look super cute.

Last but not least the essentials! I love cooking so it's really important that my kitchens nice... that probably explains why everything I have bought is kitchen related. If your moving out, even if its for uni, Wilko's is your best friend. When it comes to good and cheap utensils, Wilko's has it from baking trays to garlic press' they have it all. I am trying my hardest not to go crazy and buy a ton of kitchen tech, who knows if I will resist the urge. I'll keep you updated on my little house haul mission, hope you liked what I picked up, I know not everyone can get excited over mugs and cheese graters as much as me!

Friday, 2 February 2018

Lazy Day's

I swapped my work days around this week and ended up with a super long weekend... Yay. So I decided to indulge this morning and make myself breakfast and eat it in bed, with a good magazine and netflix on tap. After all I had absolutely no reason to rush around today, so why not make the most of it. The indistinguishable food in the middle is an omelet gone wrong, or in other words my renowned gourmet scrambled eggs... trust me if you present something nicely enough no one will question it.  So there we have it fancy eggs accompanied by toast and a smoothie. Not a bad start to the day at all.

I have been buying a lot of home ware items lately and I am dying to do a little haul for you guys but I am still waiting for a few things to be delivered. To be honest I'm pretty pissed about it, I ordered  from the Laura Ashley sale a week ago and they still haven't arrived. Which I think is pretty crap considering they charge for delivery, you would at least expect it to come within a working week. Anyway as soon as they arrive I will divulge what I have been purchasing and putting away for my future home.

Side note I'm on a bit of a health kick at the moment, focusing on making healthier choices food wise and trying to be more active. I think I am going to do a proper introduction post which will most likely include a not very flattering but accurate image of what my body looks like at the moment (I am about a week and a half into calorie counting). I'm hoping having a not so great bikini picture of me floating around the net will inspire me to get myself in shape. So look out for a post to come about what my goals are and how I aim to achieve them. So that is basically all the is going on in my life at the time being. Today has mainly been filled with cuddling my dog and watching Riverdale on Netflix. I plan to do a quick work out and then have some dinner and the rest of the night is a blank page, that will most likely be filled with more Netflix.

If anyone has any great health tips/diet plans/ nutrition advice etc please let me know because I am as green as grass when it comes to this stuff. Thanks for reading!

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