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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

ZARA NEW COLLECTION: What's tickling my fancy.

I think I purchased enough knitwear in the winter sale to assemble my own flock of sheep, so now I'm onto new and less woolly things. I am so over this crappy weather and my I'm already day dreaming of spring and do I dare say summer. I've had a quick browse of Zara's new season and I've picked a few things that I really like and will probably end up purchasing. Most importantly I don't think any of the items are badly priced... besides the boots... maybe we'll make a budget exception for those pretty little boots.

The first thing that popped out at me was the blouse, I have been looking for a blouse with an interesting neckline for ages. Mainly because I so desperately want to layer a V neck knit over a beautiful embellished blouse, for a bit of a clueless 90's feel. Cream blouses were pretty much a staple in my closet about 3 years ago and I can feel a comeback. OKAY, back to the boots, because how cute would those boots go with the blouse and a good mini skit. I have outfit visions in my mind already, but whether I buy the boots or not will depend on how well I budget my money this month and I have to say the way it's looking, Zara may be keeping the boots. (insert cry face emoji). The flowing dress is a little optimistic this is the kind of thing I pick up, still thinking I'm a size six. I go to the dressing room and take a long hard look in the mirror to remind myself that although I love this style, it does NOT love me. That being said I'm totally going to try it on, you know... just in case. The last item is a little out of my comfort zone, colour scheme wise. I am not usually a fan of red, but my god what a power skirt this is. I envision Donna from suits would wear this little beauty around the office. I think it could be work wear or a great going out for drinks kinda skirt. I have a feeling it may be one of those pieces that I buy and never wear for lack of the right occasion/ lack of confidence. But with a price tag of £25.99 I think its worth a little gamble.

So that's basically whats floating my boat as of late. I'll be sure to upload any pictures if I buy any of these pieces, to show how I styled them. Hope you guys liked my little selection, let me know if anythings really catching your eye at the moment.

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