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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

ZARA NEW COLLECTION: What's tickling my fancy.

I think I purchased enough knitwear in the winter sale to assemble my own flock of sheep, so now I'm onto new and less woolly things. I am so over this crappy weather and my I'm already day dreaming of spring and do I dare say summer. I've had a quick browse of Zara's new season and I've picked a few things that I really like and will probably end up purchasing. Most importantly I don't think any of the items are badly priced... besides the boots... maybe we'll make a budget exception for those pretty little boots.

The first thing that popped out at me was the blouse, I have been looking for a blouse with an interesting neckline for ages. Mainly because I so desperately want to layer a V neck knit over a beautiful embellished blouse, for a bit of a clueless 90's feel. Cream blouses were pretty much a staple in my closet about 3 years ago and I can feel a comeback. OKAY, back to the boots, because how cute would those boots go with the blouse and a good mini skit. I have outfit visions in my mind already, but whether I buy the boots or not will depend on how well I budget my money this month and I have to say the way it's looking, Zara may be keeping the boots. (insert cry face emoji). The flowing dress is a little optimistic this is the kind of thing I pick up, still thinking I'm a size six. I go to the dressing room and take a long hard look in the mirror to remind myself that although I love this style, it does NOT love me. That being said I'm totally going to try it on, you know... just in case. The last item is a little out of my comfort zone, colour scheme wise. I am not usually a fan of red, but my god what a power skirt this is. I envision Donna from suits would wear this little beauty around the office. I think it could be work wear or a great going out for drinks kinda skirt. I have a feeling it may be one of those pieces that I buy and never wear for lack of the right occasion/ lack of confidence. But with a price tag of £25.99 I think its worth a little gamble.

So that's basically whats floating my boat as of late. I'll be sure to upload any pictures if I buy any of these pieces, to show how I styled them. Hope you guys liked my little selection, let me know if anythings really catching your eye at the moment.

Monday, 15 January 2018

So What's Next?

A new year has come, and with it a whole load of promises that I most likely will not keep. We are fifteen days into January and my first resolution of making my bait for work (in order to save cash) has already gone awry. So it looks like New year but typically usual me. Note to self make next years resolution to not break resolutions... Despite my poor will power, I'm still approaching 2018 with a sense of optimism; however misguided and naive that may be. 

I have big plans for this year (which is generally what I say every year) a lot of plans about living my authentic version of life, doing things I love and trying to find and keep that myth they call happiness.    I can often focus on negative things, I'm almost never proud of myself and I'm rather tired of that outlook. I have lovely friends, a great family, the love of a really great man and I should remember that although none of these things are perfect, they are mine and I wouldn't change them for the world. I have a job, it's not where I expected myself to be but it pays my bills and it's going to help me achieve one of my biggest goals in 2018 *dramatic pause* Becoming a home owner!

Well that might be a bit of a lie 2018 is the year of saving every spare penny in preparation of buying a house in (hopefully) early 2019. The boyfriend and I have been together 6 years now and it just naturally feels like the right time to get a place together. So although actual buying and decorating and forking out all that money is a while off, I have been pinteresting so many beautiful ideas (obviously completely out of my price range) for interior design. It's such a big step in our relationship, we are so excited but also impatient. I think anyone in their early twenties living with parents can relate to the struggles of living at home... but lets not turn this into a negative post. Instead I'm gonna include some of my pins in a little mood board, so you can get a sense of my style. 

What we will be able to afford is nothing up to this standard but my colour scheme is pretty consistent. I really like farmhouse feel but with a contemporary twist. I'm into creams, french greys, blues and a hint of purple. The idea of decorating your own home seems really fun until you realise how expensive shit is... So far I have a 'bottom draw' of little stuff like cheese graters and things we will need. There has been a little bit of a hedge hog theme so far but I'm trying not to let my obsession invade our house before we even move in. As you can tell I'm extremely excited about this new chapter in our lives, we just need to knuckle down and be patient!

Anyway just a little note about this blog, I'm leaning more to the lifestyle side lately. I'm a bit fed up with beauty blogging I'm just not as passionate as I used to be so I'm gonna give this ago and see how it goes. I think my blogging began to feel like a chore and I just want this as a hobby; so a change of pace seemed like the right idea. Hope 2018 is doing you well so far, if you have made some resolutions or even big plans let me know. Or if you have already tried and failed also let me know and we can revel in uselessness together! 

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