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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

IntuMetrocentre Bloggers Event!

I'm quite excited to write this post, because last Thursday I went to my first ever blogger event... and my god have Intu Metrocentre set the president for events to come. If you are from the Newcastle area (which majority of my readers are) you are probably well acquainted with the Metrocentre. It's my first stop for shopping, it has so many brands under one roof, free parking and it's indoors so no rain! Which is obviously a big component when you live up north! If things weren't good enough they've just opened four new stores, which our little group of bloggers were lucky enough to get a tour of!

Firstly we all met for food and drinks and had a little mingle to get to know one another. The food was provided by Fattoush Lounge which is a new Lebanese restaurant that has just opened in the cube! Which I had already tried prior to the event because your gal is partial to a shawarma wrap... We then set off on our tour and by gosh did we travel in style! we all got escorted around in the Metrocentre mini train, which was too cute but I have to say my carriage exits weren't to dignified! It was such a fun way to travel around and a good way to get to know everyone because the carriages were certainly snug!

Our first little trip was to Hotel Chocolat, we didn't actually depart just sort of passed by and handed samples through the window, I ain't complaining who doesn't love sitting on their but and eating chocolate. Did you guys know that they did ice-cream! It was bloody delicious! They also gave me a little box of choccy Santa's which I've pretty much demolished! Since then I had a little browse on their website and their Christmas collection is adorable, go on their website and search a posse of penguins or the reindeer slab... too cute!

Our first official stop was  actually the Jack Wills pop up shop! It's only around for a limited time because the Metrocentre is actually getting a permanent store!! Word on the street is that it is opening in the platinum mall this Wednesday! They had some brilliant stock in the popup, I actually picked up a couple shirts for my fella in the black friday sale! What's even better is that the new store will stock the full range!! I can't wait to have a snoop around! We were also gifted some very cute red socks, which were very festive (I've just uploaded a pic on my insta) and a roller ball of one of their scents. So a massive thanks to Jack Wills and Intu Metrocentre for the gift!

Next on the agenda G-Star Raw. Now I'm not going to lie, I wasn't overly excited about visiting this store. It's a brand I associate with menswear, but after actually being introduced to the clothing I realised that is simply not the case. I actually liked a lot of the clothing in here, shout out to the orange sweatshirt below. ↓

After listening to a representative of the brand talk about the company, I learnt that they are one of the few brands that provide sustainable denim. And by god do they have a lot of choice just walking into the store you can see the entire back wall is covered top to bottom in women's denim jeans. If you're looking for an investment piece of denim its certainly the place to come. G-Star gifted us all a little denim tote which I will be now using as my bag for life (if I honestly ever remember to take it with me, anyone else do that?) and a cute little rhino keyring. The rhino is a key symbol for G-star because rhino's can't walk backwards (fact of the day) and this is a motto the company stands by, they only ever want to move forwards.

We then got treated to a little bit of pampering by Clarins, who gave me the most incredible hand massage! It's not a brand that I have ever really explored but after that treatment I was so impressed I wanted to know more. I was lucky enough to be given a sample box of some of their products and I am sooo hooked on the lip oil! It is my new obsession, legitimately going to order one immediately. Straight to Boots I go!

The next stop was at Couture Club a brand I had never heard of and honestly probably would have never stepped foot in, if I hadn't been taken inside. I'm just so uncool. Street style is not my thing, I love it but I just can't pull it off! However, I absolutely fell in love with some of the pieces they had in store. Especially a light wash denim jacket with the red Couture logo on the back. I was surprised how reasonably priced it was and even more surprised that there were actually things I really liked, even with my old biddy taste in fashion. They were kind enough to gift us a cap and T-shirt. I love the T-shirt the material is so thick and good quality, I threw it on with some mom jeans and loafers the other day and I actually loved my look. Maybe there's hope for me to dress casual after all...

This was not on the official tour but Quiz were kind enough to let us pick out some clothing! How amazing! I honestly can't get over how generous they were! I picked up a banging green satin bodysuit, some serious sexy elf vibes going on. I don't know if that's a thing, but let's roll with it. Keep your eyes peeled for an insta post coming soon!

On to the final event! I'm pretty sure every girl in driving distance of the Metrocentre was overjoyed when it was announced that we were finally getting a VICTORIA SECRET! We have been deprived of gorgeous underwear and cute pjs for to long. If you haven't had a look around the new store yet, it definitely won't disappoint. In true VS style the store exudes feminine luxury. The gorgeous design is all part of the shopping experience, that makes VS so special. I've included a few photos from both VS and Pink, because I'm obsessed with the decor. I think it is the perfect place to pick up a Christmas gift, whether its undies, pjs or their amazing range of smellies! You can't really go wrong, all women love that little pink striped bag! I usually tend to get my undies from Vs and lean towards pink for both pjs and gym wear. My favourite underwear range has to be the dream angles, they are always ultra feminine, delicate little pieces. Our last surprise was that we were offered fitting and then allowed to take home a bra of our choice! How bloody lucky am I, it's not every day you get given a bra from VS. No guesses which range I chose from either, look out for a more in-depth post on my gorgeous gifted bra!

Lastly I want to just briefly say a massive thank you to everyone involved in the event, I'm  still so honoured to have even been invited! It was lovely meeting all the fabulous ladies who blog in my area too! I also have yet to mention the incredible goody bag, jam packed with products that I can't wait to share with you over on my insta! Hope you all enjoyed this post and will make a journey to check out these fab new brands in the Metrocentre! Oh and side note keep an eye on my instagram for little snapshots of some of the gifts I mentioned! it's  @kelsreaay and why not give @intumetrocentre a follow too for shopping inspo and the latest news!


Sunday, 16 September 2018

Dior Airflash Backstage Pro's

I am so obsessed with having leaves in my images at the moment... I don't know why I'm just feeling it.  I'm also going to add a new little feature to my reviews a pros and cons list for people who don't have time to read my lengthy reviews... scroll to the bottom. Now that I've gotten that out the way lets get onto what you came here for, my thoughts on the Dior Airflash foundation. 

Foundation and face products are my favourite part of makeup. I am OBSESSED with creating a beautiful base, it is for me the most satisfying part of doing my makeup. So I guess you could probably say that I am a bit of a foundation junkie. I buy and test lots of different kinds from different brands in search for the perfect finish. Truthfully I don't think I will ever stop testing foundations purely because I love trying new things too much! I must say that this foundation is the only one in a long time that has made me consider not trying anything else. So there's a little clue on how this review is going to pan out.

So let's get a feel of what this product is and what it claims to preform like. I'll insert the information from Boot's, which is where I purchased this product.

 'An iconic spray foundation that delivers an airbrushed effect with precision and ease, now available in new shades. Enriched with light-diffusing pigments, this foundation instantly smooths the look of skinned boosts radiance for a perfect complexion that lasts all day, even on the runway. The unique micro-diffusion system delivers a fine mist of foundation to provide a soft, velvety complexion. The water-resistant formula ensures up to 12 hours of hold and colours that stay true. It's ultra-fluid and ultra-fine texture allows for buildable, custom coverage to suit any skin tone and texture. The Airflash range has expanded to include new shades that adapt to the cool tones or warmer tones of any skin colouring, imparting flawless coverage and a long-lasting finish for a radiant, glowing complexion. Mother of pearl pigments even skin tone and diminish the appearance of skin irregularities and fine lines, leaving your skin glowing with optimal radiance.'

So that's quite a write up by Dior, you can't argue that they have written an impeccable little paragraph, that would pretty much persuade anyone to give it ago. So here I am actually trying the product so you can distinguish whether these claims are more than just fluffy advertising to get your money. Which by the way would cost you £35.00 for this foundation. Let's start with packaging an essentially useless part of the review but we would all be lying if we said that it did not impact our purchases. This like every other Dior product exudes luxury, the beautiful silver lid paired with the glossy finish of the can looks so elegant. It is the quality you would expect of a Dior product. My only gripe is that the silver lid gets smarmy with finger print marks but that's just me being a little obsessive.

When you remove the lid you are presented with a spray, this is essentially an aerosol can. I was worried that this product could be potentially gimmicky... something I don't associate with Dior but in the name of curiosity I was willing to give it ago. Dior recommends that you apply it in one of two ways, for a light coverage you spray the foundation directly to the skin in a Z motion 20cm from your face. For a heavier coverage it is recommended that you spray the products onto a kabuki brush and apply in circular motions. I have personally applied it directly to my skin in a Z motion and I do agree that this is affective IF you wear a headband that covers your hairline and expect for it to cover your lips. I then pat the foundation into my skin with a Beauty blender to ensure my entire face is covered. You could just spray it on and go but I think you achieve a more precise coverage if you then go over with your sponge. This method provided quite a light coverage, it looked very natural but at the same time very flawless. It seems to have a blur effect and smooth out skin texture, the only thing I think it failed to cover with this technique is redness around my cheeks and nose. I have not applied it with a kabuki because personally I don't really like using brushes as I find they create streaks and apply to heavily. But another method I tried to get a fuller coverage was spraying the foundation to specific areas of my face and then spreading it around with my beauty blender. I felt that this improved the coverage of the foundation and it still had the blurring and smoothing effect. So essentially I think this foundation can achieve a light to a very good medium coverage. I'm not too sure about full because that's not really a look I go for.

Moving on to colour match. A common problem I have moaned about on my blog is finding a good colour match. I have massive issue finding a foundation with undertones that suit my skin. Everything is so pink or yellow and my skin is almost neutral with a touch of olive green. Quite a difficult undertone, because foundations only ever cater to this skin tone in deeper shades. I have light olive skin! Apparently companies just ignore my existence. I bought the shade Almond which is a light foundation with a cool undertone which isn't perfect but it's still a pretty good match! I picked this shade online because it looked like the most neutral light shade. I will say that this shade also did not oxidise which is brilliant! So the shades are true to colour. There are 18 shades which sounds impressive but essentially its a lot of light and medium shades and one dark shade. Which lets be honest is not diverse at all. It goes from dark beige shades to one Mocha shade on the boots website. So although there might be more options in terms of undertone it seems that is only applicable if you are of light to medium skin tone.  This is obviously not an issue that effects me, but in the wider beauty community is something that is continually a problem for many and I think it needs to be mentioned until we achieve complete diversity in the beauty market.

The finish I would describe as semi Matte. It is certainly a matte foundation but the blurring effect adds life to the skin and makes it more skin like... does that make sense? I really like the finish I think it makes your skin look very flawless but at the same time still like skin! That's essentially what everyone wants out of a foundation to look like we have naturally beautiful skin. I find that the lasting power is pretty good, I have oily skin and I find that I have very little breakthrough. I think this is attributed to the alcohol in the formula that makes the spray dry pretty quickly. I think 12 hours is a bit of a stretch but I do often touch my face so I wouldn't expect it to last forever. The staying power is good, nothing extraordinary but I would say that its oil control is brilliant.

Overall I really like this foundation. Which is not something I say very often. I feel like the colour, coverage and oil control are really good! I believe you receive some benefit from the spray function as it allows you to achieve a very light coverage. It disperses the perfect amount of foundation to achieve an almost airbrushed effect.  I have been pairing this with my YSL Touche Eclat primer and I think that this just takes this foundation to the next level. It adds extra radiance to a brilliant foundation and I honestly think these two products are something that everyone should have in their beauty arsenal.

Quick overview for you busy folk! 

  • Buildable coverage
  • blurring and smoothing effect
  • good range of undertones
  • quick application once you have a hang of it
  • chic packaging as always
  • semi matte finish that looks airbrushed
  • Great oil control
  • Reasonably long wearing 
  • Can get in your hairline and gets on lips
  • Needs practise to get used to spray function 
  • Poor shade range for darker skin colours


Caseapp Collaboration!

So firstly a huge thank you to the team at Caseapp for arranging this collaboration! I absolutely adore the items I have received! (ps Discount code down below!) 

If you haven't heard of Caseapp they create custom phone cases and laptop skins. You can choose from a variety of gorgeous pre-made designs or you can unleash your creativity and design your own. I decided to try out both services, so I ordered two pre-made pieces and I designed my own phone case. If you don't know by now, I'm a pretty creative little soul so the thought of adding my own design was so cool. I spent a few hours having a browse on the interweb for inspiration and producing my design.  I made a few mocks and the Llama design is the one I stuck with! I think it's pretty cute! Caseapp do cases for iPhones, Samsung and iPads. They also produce skins for a range of brands Microsoft, Google, HTC, Apple, Nokia and Samsung.  You also have the option to choose a matte or glossy finish, personally I love glossy finish, I think it stays cleaner for longer!

I also order this super cute floral parrot print for my Mac book and another phone case.  It was truly hard to pick a print because they have some beautiful options. There really is something for everyone, cute animal prints, chic patterns, sassy cases, cutesy cases you name it they got it. And if they don't, make your own! Another option is to customise their marble collection with your name, possibly even your blog name that would be cute! Perhaps that's my next purchase. Overall I'm really impressed with the quality of the cases and the delivery was super fast which is always a bonus!
So if you feel inspired to get a new case or jazz up your laptop with a personalised skin you can access the site here: https://bit.ly/2N8BfTJ    and use my code LIFEOFKELS20 to receive 20% discount!
Happy shopping! 


Friday, 24 August 2018

The Wonky Wand.

I'm obsessed with making flatlays, I find the whole process from arranging, photographing to editing so cathartic. I don't know why but I love making pretty things.

Today's post is clearly about the L'oreal Unlimited mascara, or as I have so loving dubbed it the Wonky Wand mascara. As I always take products at face/packaging value lets start there. This packaging sucks, in the sense of design. It looks cheap and simply uncreative. I know that this essentially means nothing and adds no value to the quality of the mascara in the tube, but I like a bit of production value! When I buy any makeup I want to look at it and feel like it's a treat or a luxury and this says neither. In comparison to Paradise mascara in its pretty pink and rose gold packaging with its beautiful cardboard outer, this looks like the very ugly sister. In terms of looks this does not tick any of my boxes but I'm trying not to be shallow, so lets dig a little deeper. 

I know you're probably thinking, if the packaging repulsed you so badly why did you buy it? Well I'm looking past the frankly LAZY packaging because I'm so intrigued by the wand and its ability to move to a 45 degree angle. I was curious, is this a gimmick or does it actually improve mascara application. So I've used this every day for around a week to try and figure out if this wand is the way forward for the mascara market. So my first impressions were that the unique angle of the brush did seem to help get right to the root of the lashes with ease. I felt like it was easier to coat the very end lashes at both the inner and outer corner of my eye. The biggest benefit that I noticed was that it was a lot easier to apply to my left eye, I don't know why but it just felt less awkward than usual. Not that it is a daily struggle or anything but it can be difficult applying mascara to the eye that's not on the same side as your dominant hand. I usually find myself swapping the wand around a lot more to try and get into the corners on my left eye than my right. Strangely enough I didn't find myself doing that with this mascara. 

Maybe we should compare my thoughts to what L'oreal claims this mascara should do : Taken from the Boot's website
- Bendable mascara wand for precise application  - Reaches every last lash, from corner to corner - Lengthens, volumises, defines and separates lashes - Intense black finish for high-impact lashes - Longwear formula 

Well the wand is certainly bendy, so were off to a good start. As stated above I do agree that it is easier to reach the lashes on the inner and outer corner, which is why I really like this wand. I feel as if the mascara itself lengthens very well and definitely defines and separates the lashes. I do however feel that it's not a great voluminous mascara. In comparison to Paradise (which I really like hence the constant comparison) this barley adds any volume to your lashes. I really like chunky, thick lashes and I don't feel like this mascara achieves that very well. That however is personal preference and not a fault of the mascara at all. In terms of colour it's very dark just how I like it and the longevity was very good. I can suffer from transfer of mascara from my lashes to my brow bone or eyelid and I noticed none with this mascara. Most importantly I didn't get that weird crumbly thing either. 

My final verdict is that I really like the shape of the wand, what I'm not blown over by is the brush... Am I just picky... probably. This mascara is excellent if you want long separated and defined lashes. If that's your thing go for it. For me I'd prefer this if it was more of a thickening mascara with a chunky brush. Similar to that of Paradise. Basically I want paradise brush and formula with this wand. A girl can dream right?


Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Hello Happy Foundation

One of the first foundations I ever used was Benefit's playstick in the shade paper dolls. I distinctly remember loving this foundation, from the shade to the little cylinder cardboard outer packaging.but I'm pretty sure they don't even make it anymore but for many years it was my pride and joy. I wish I could say that my romance with Benefit had lasted a life time (or at least the 23 years I've so far existed) but apart from their brow products there's very few items that have taken my breath away. I hate to sound mean but I always feel like the brand is style over substance, beautiful creative packaging wrapped around average products. Harsh! I hear you cry, but read it back I said average I didn't say poor. A lot of the products I've used from benefit have been good, but not good enough for me to uproot my old faithfuls from my makeup bag and make their products permanent residents. So because of my ill feelings towards the brand... perhaps manifested by the longing for a product that no longer exists... I usually skip over their new releases. To put it blankly it's not a brand I have on my radar. 

I honestly only picked this up out of sheer impulse. My cousin wanted me to order it for her and I just had a mild moment of spontaneity and ordered one for myself. I had pretty much no expectations, other than it would look super cute in a flatlay. I think they are ultimately the best purchases, when you're not really expecting to love something and it ends up being something you really like. Yes cats out the bag, I like the foundation. For once I feel like the beautiful packaging matches the quality of the product and I couldn't be more happy that I spent my hard earned coin on this. Why do I like this foundation.. let me count the ways:

  1. Lightweight but great coverage
  2. Matte but not heavy or caked, skin still looks like skin!
  3. Great oil control 
  4. Good longevity 
  5. Small amount goes a long way.
So I had a little looksee on Benefits site to see what they claimed this product does: ''This lightweight foundation evens out skin tone and blurs imperfections with soft-focus optical blurring spheres. With a natural-matte finish and light-to-medium coverage, it looks like skin and feels like nothing at all. Happy looks good on you!''.  For once I pretty much agree with the overall description of this foundation, I think the foundation is very light, but offers good coverage and has a beautiful matte finish that still looks like skin texture and has a life to it that some foundations just lack. Matte usually makes me cringe, I really hate looking like you've got a mask of dull foundation on. I don't know how but this foundation has got the right balance. For an oily girl who needs shine control but doesn't want to look dull and loose the skins natural luminosity, this is your best friend. I feel like this foundation was hand made for me...that annoying girl who's like ' I have oily skin, but I hate matte, oh but also I don't want to be tooo shiny.' I know only a hand full of you will relate to that, but if you do just know that your time has come! I'm leaving this review here, I think its clear that it's secured a spot in my makeup bag, how about yours?


    Thursday, 9 August 2018

    ABH Norvina Palette First Impressions

    If you came here via instagram, then you probably know that this isn't going to be a gushing review. I typically don't do first impressions but fuck it I feel like venting my frustrations. So grab a snack and get comfy cause I'm here to ramble on for a while.

    I'll start with a little background info, I usually adore abh shadows I own Modern renaissance, soft glam and prism all of which I rate. I also really love purple shadows so this is not because this palette doesn't appeal to me. Because let's be honest I'm not in the habit of spending £43 on shadows I think I won't wear. I also have ZERO issue with the formulation in the sense of fall out/ kick up, I blend quite softly and all though I experience fall out it's not really an issue for me. What I'm finding with this palette is that the shades look so different in the pan to when they are applied to the lid.

     When swatching the shadows I was impressed with the iridescence of the shimmer shades, yet when I put them on my lid I found them incredibly lack lustre. Celestial in particular had very little shimmer too it even when I used my finger instead of a fibre brush. The only one that really had some intensity I found was wild child but even then I foiled the shadow with fix plus to add a bit more oomph. The shade love really confused me because it looked like a peachy pink colour in the pan, it was so much darker on my lid. I intended to use it in my crease but it came up so much darker with almost a brown cast too it. Soul was the colour that really drew me to this palette, it's a really unique colour. So of course I wanted to incorporate it into a look, I found that the pay off wasn't that great even building up the colour and patting it on the shade just felt muted and dull. Maybe it just doesn't suit my skin tone? I really don't know. I used love in the crease first and tried to blend in soul to it, to make a gradient but it just kind of looked dark and messy I tried to brighten it up by adding celestial to the lid and adding wild child foiled to the centre, but it all just got very dark and a bit amateurish really fast. Which is really odd because all of these colours are pretty light.

    I'm kind left a bit puzzled, looking at images on Anastasia's site and images on the gram of peoples creations and I am stumped. How did they get these vibrant looks? To me every matte shadow applied darker than what it looked like. Don't get me wrong this is not a disaster palette and I spent my hard earned coin on it so you bet I'll fucking use it... but I'm left just feeling so underwhelmed so sad at what this palette could of been. Why do such bright colours feel so dark and muted? Maybe it's just me, perhaps I have super high expectations or maybe I have just completely misunderstood the concept of this palette. I think I will use this palette but not to create an entire look, I will pick and choose colours to combine with other shadows and try and make this work, for the sake of my bank balance and my guilty shoppers conscious.

    Please comment your feelings if you've bought this palette I need to know if it's just me or if this palette's got you on makeup downer too. Final comment is that I still love you ABH I'm just not in love with this palette, but maybe I just need to give it some time.


    Saturday, 4 August 2018

    Supermarket Sass.

    Lately I feel like mixing up my blog a little. If you haven't noticed I've been producing more outfit posts than beauty ones lately. That's just the direction my creativity is taking me at the moment. I having a lot of fun organising photo shoots and creating themes. So here this week's titled Supermarket Sass. 

    Yes this was in Sainsbury's and yes it was embarrassing. Yes I bought cereal out of guilt. 
    Outfit details at the end of post.


    Tuesday, 31 July 2018

    Peggy Porschen's

    I'm pretty sure that everyone in the bloggersphere has been to Peggy's, but seen as though I live right up north it's still a massive novelty to me. So I forced Nath on the train and three different tubes to get there. I must say that considering that it was my first time navigating the tube without a southerner to assist me, we survived. For any tube nervous travellers I'd recommend downloading the tube map app, it allows you to plan your journey and tells you pretty much where you need to go; after that if you are on foot google maps is always a good shout. Me and Nath have navigated many a city break on trusty google maps.

    If you fancy going to peggy's expect a little bit of a wait, it's very popular thanks to the explosion of posts on instagram. We managed to get a seat outside, seen as though the weather was good. It's pretty clear to see why people flock to visit it this cutesy little spot, the exterior is so beautiful and mainly unique. I was a little surprised how small the list of cupcake flavours were but I really enjoyed the salted caramel that I ended up getting. I had a berry tea and nath had a coke, all and all it came to £11 which i don't really think is too bad, considering you are paying for the ambiance. Is it the best cake I have ever eaten, probably not. What it does offer is unique and beautiful surroundings, a break from the hustle and bustle of London and the perfect opportunity for an insta shot and a very nice little cupcake. If you hate things that are hyped this probably isn't for you, but if you appreciate aesthetically pleasing things then of course you will see the attraction.

    I personally think it's worth the coin, pretty plates, pastel colours and delicate little cupcakes are all up my street, but everyone knows I'm a sucker for presentation. I'll leave it there and let the images speak for themselves. 

    Let me know if you've visited peggy's and if you think it's worth the hype.

    Monday, 18 June 2018

    Cast me in a Telenovela

    I'm feeling all the Spanish vibes in this beautifully classic little dress.
    Zara £25.99


    Thursday, 14 June 2018

    That Burberry Glow

    Let's all just take a moment to digest the beautiful packaging that lays before us. Once you are fully satisfied that you've given these perfectly designed bottles enough of your attention, I will allow you to divulge into my rambley product review. I know its awfully shallow to judge a beauty product by it's cover so to speak, but I'd be lying if I said that presentation doesn't effect my opinion. I'm a creative person, and in my world everything must be pleasing to the eye... plus if I'm paying top dollar I want something with a certain Je ne sais quoi. To cut a long story short, it's safe to assume that I find the packaging momentously appealing. The simple, sophisticated style had me from the cardboard outer and that's before I even knew what was inside. The contents of the boxes did not disappoint in their beauty either. I'm going to stop waxing lyrically about packaging design now, but rest assured I could go on. 

    Now on to the stuff that actually matters. I purchased the Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in the shade Golden Radiance and the Fresh Glow B.B Cream in the shade Nude Rose. I'm really into BB creams at the moment, Dr Jarts and Shesido's have currently been my go to bases. On first swatch of the BB cream I thought Sh*t, (actually I probably said it out loud) because it looked way to light. I thought I'd made a pricey little boo boo, but turns out it blends out really bloody nice. *phewww wipes sweat from brow* Friends I'm not gonna lie the colour range is pretty abysmal, there are three shades all of which are pretty fair. This BB is incredibly sheer, it really is a your skin but better product. By this I mean, it will not cover blemishes but it is going to disguise redness or uneven skin tone and add radiance to your face. If you are all about the coverage, I assume you aren't really down for BB creams anyway but just in case this totally isn't for you. This is for enhancing natural beauty and adding radiance, not full beat. Lately I'm swaying more towards the natural look during the week and I think this is going to be perfect for work days. Last thing to mention is it is lightly scented, I like the smell but it kinda reminds me of suncream. It does contain spf 20 so perhaps that's why! Retails at £30 @ Feel unique or the Burberry site.

    Complete opposite reaction when I swatched the illuminating primer. Yasss honey, drench me in this liquid. How beautiful is that glow? This product comes in two shades Nude and Golden, I opted for golden as I prefer gold reflects to silver. Purely because I think it compliments my olive skin tone better. It is not a secret that I am a slave to the siren call of a liquid highlight... actually any form of highlight. I'm trying really hard to be objective and not let my obsession cloud my judgement. Is it unique? Do I have anything else like it? Is it better than the ones I already own? The honest answer to every single one of those questions is probably no, yet here I am besotted. The allure of another pretty little highlight has gotten the better of me yet again. It looks beautiful under the BB cream, it gives your skin a really radiant finish that looks so natural. If you are a highlighter fiend like myself I would suggest you pick this up. Which lets face it, if you're spending your time reading beauty blogs and you have made it to the end of this post... you probably are as addicted to makeup as me. So I'll just leave it at happy shopping.

    Retailing at £34 @ the Burberry site.

    Sunday, 20 May 2018

    Is this what preppy looks like?

    Full disclaimer I do not like ironing, sorry bout the creasing. 
    I think tying a shirt in a loose knot at the front is a really easy way to make a dress shirt more feminine, I then just popped a little white crop on underneath and a structured white skirt. Easy peasy, yet super preppy and stylish for summer. 

    Similar shirt available here alternatively any striped shirt even a mans one can look super chic.
    White crop available here.
    I've had to link a similar skirt here as mine was from a boutique years ago! 
    Enjoy the sun! Love Kels.


    Saturday, 12 May 2018

    Where the festival at?

    An entire post dedicated to a fabulous cardigan, yes that is all. 


    Tuesday, 1 May 2018

    Those Hippie Vibes

    I adore festival season, because my inner boho babe just loves all things glittery, floral and sometimes just downright outrageous. When i saw these orange and pink paisley flares, I knew I had to have them. Sixteen year old me would have wore these casually on the daily, my style's changed a little since then but occasionally I still dabble in a more muted boho style. Usually whilst I'm on holiday. I paired them with a simple black crop top and some huge wedges, I really wanted to wear a white crop with these but mine got dirty with suncream.. I wore my big hoop earrings and a delicate necklace that has my star sign on it. (If your wondering I'm a Libra)  I have honestly fallen head over heels for these trousers and this shoot has made me want to buy more colourful clothes! I have already made another 'festival' purchase to keep your eyes peeled for another burst of colour! ps how cute is the pink villa! Let me live there pls. #dreamhouse


    Monday, 16 April 2018

    Travelling Light.. is there such a thing?

    I am not the kinda girl that travels light... I'm the kind of girl who takes a weekend bag with three outfit changes, seven makeup looks and three pairs of shoes for an overnight stay. That being said, I do appreciate travel sized products, mainly because the smaller the product the more I can bring! I'm pretty sure that isn't the point but you know what they say, if the shoe fits... buy it in every colour.

    Anyway enough of me rationalising my spending habits, and more about travel sized products. Many brands do great travel options but the ones I find myself purchasing the most is usually benefit and MAC because they are so accessible. TooFaced mini's are pretty much only available on line so they are a bit harder to get hold off but also a good option. I also really like the Kat Von D travel options too.  I often get my benefit products at boots on 3 for £25 or I buy the gift sets around Christmas time because they tend to be better value for money and have super cute packaging. High Beam is my absolute essential, mainly because it can be worn on bare skin, on days when you need a little pick me up with minimal effort. My holiday day time look is usually suncream, high beam, mascara and lip balm. Mascara has to be TwoFaced better than sex mascara, which conveniently comes in a mini. I actually prefer travel mascaras, you use it up a lot quicker which means that the product is  a lot fresher. The smaller stem on the brush also means more control and as a bonus they are cheaper and sometimes even free... win win. My go to lip balm has to be Malibu, the coconut scent just reminds me of holidays and of course it contains the all important spf.

    My night time looks are very different to my day time all natural beach vibes. I love getting dressed up to go out and when I'm abroad there is no exception. Even if we are just popping into the hotels all inclusive buffet, I will adorn skyscraper heels and enough makeup to make a drag queen blush. That was a bit of joke, I try to aim for a more glowy, radiant makeup look. Something that highlights my new tan and sun kissed freckled face. I try to bring with me glowy products so 'that gal' brightening primer is an ideal base for radiant skin. Usually I will bring MAC face and body along with me, once again it's dewy, light and also compact, making it travel friendly. I don't have a travel bronzer, so I just bring my bobbi brown one or occasionally my Chanel soleil de tan. But if you need it to be compact the Hoola mini from benefit is a great option. After bronzing I highlight with my high beam and then it's on to eyes. One of my favourite travel product is MAC's travel sized pigment in melon. Pigments last forever so even if you're not travelling I'd opt for the smaller size, its cheaper and it will still take you years to finish. I love the shade melon because it compliments a tan perfectly; it's described as a golden peach but in different lights it can look bronze, pink or even gold. Whichever reflect you happen to catch it's breathtaking and for the measly sum of £10 you can't go wrong. There are a wide range of shades in the pigments and they look really stunning as a pop of colour in the middle of the lid. For the rest of my eye look I usually take a palette than I'm loving recently to switch it up a bit, last year I took Modern renaissance everywhere. However if you want to reduce space taken up with makeup I think the Huda obsessions palettes are a good option, because the shade range is great yet the palette is so small. I also take my Kat Von D tattoo liner with me which is also available in travel size. Brows will always be done with my ABH dipbrow, I will never fall out of love with this product and it doesn't take up much space. For lips I will bring a good old nude, at the moment I've been liking this little travel sized sample from TooFaced I got in the shade birthday suit. I'll also just bring a red in case I feel like being dramatic usually Macs Rubywoo. Of course I finish it all of with a mini bottle of MACs fix plus.

    I think it's pretty clear from the list I just rattled off I still take A LOT of makeup with me, but obviously you can condense the suggestions to your own requirements. I've had a lot of fun writing this post and I'm actually packing my makeup case for a holiday on Saturday. So this post has kinda helped me decided what products I will be taking....  Who am I kidding I'll probably just pack everything I own!


    Thursday, 12 April 2018

    Stick 'em Up.

    Does anyone else get lured in by the spam email beauty companies send you? Yeah me too. Bobbi Brown recently had a spin the wheel type game where you won prizes. I happened to win a free full sized product when you purchase any Bobbi Brown product. I wasn't really in the market for anything in particular but ended up ordering a stick foundation just so I could receive my *free gift*. I'm such a sucker. Bravo for the good marketing ploy though, you got me.  ANYWAY,  I got a free full size glow stick which retails for £26 so I did get a good deal and I am actually really loving my foundation stick, so all in all it was a good decision.

    Let's talk about the free gift, the glow stick in the shade sun kissed. First thing I thought was probably not my shade, maybe when I have a tan because I do go pretty dark... but right now my winter coat is in and I'm pasty as hell. I have had a little play with it regardless and I was surprised that it isn't as dark as it looks. In fact it's quite translucent, it really didn't look too dark after all and indeed did look sun kissed. So I was pretty happy with the colour, what I didn't like was the texture, this is just too oily for me. It really disturbed any makeup that was underneath it and I felt like it rubbed off because it just didn't feel like it dried down. That being said I have combo oily skin so if you're on the drier side you may really like this. I read the reviews on the website and it seems like oily girls are in agreement that it doesn't dry down. But those with dry skin seem to really love the hydrating aspect.   I'm not giving up on it just yet though as I want to try this when I am adorning a tan and not wearing any base products, I have a feeling this is going to look nice on the cheekbones and collar bones when I am actually sun kissed and the sun has dried out my skin a little.

    All is not lost though, the free gift wasn't the product of my dreams but I am really loving the foundation. When I first applied this I was expecting the worse, because upon just swiping the product on my face it really enlarged my pores. I persevered with it and blended it out with a beauty blender dampened with some setting spray and it looked so beautiful. It has great coverage without being ridiculously matte or cakey. I still feel like my natural radiance shines through but it covers any uneven skin tone or redness. The most impressive thing about this foundation is its colour, it matches me perfectly. I really struggle finding a good undertone because I'm quite neutral and things often look really yellow or really pink on me. I got the shade cool ivory mainly because it seemed a little more on the neutral side in the swatch when compared to ivory which seemed pink and warm ivory which seemed very yellow.  I'm amazed I managed to colour match via the Internet so perfectly but here we are, and I'm over the moon. It is supposed to be for all skin types, which always makes me dubious. However it lasts reasonably well, considering I'm very oily and I touch my face a lot, it doesn't look too bad at the end of a shift. Not ridiculously good when it comes to longevity but decent I'd say a top up or blot would be required 5 hours in, if you are oily like me.

    I'm pretty pleasantly surprised because this foundation was such a whim of a buy. Isn't it great when you have zero expectations about something and it really blows you away! This product has wormed its way into my everyday routine, and now I'm super excited to try more of their products. God help my bank balance!

    Sunday, 1 April 2018

    So You Think You Want A Maltese Pupper?

    Yes, I am one of those crazy dog ladies, my dog is my child and yes we do share a bed and No I don't mind if she licks my face. If you are already shrieking at this point, I can tell you that you probably want to reconsider getting a Maltese or any dog for that matter. Not because you have to let them lick your face or sleep in your bed because that is totally optional, but if you are not ready to be committed to a child like responsibility for the next 10-15 years you should just put your pet desires to rest. Little Bow is now 5 and although she looks like the perfect poster pet, owning a Maltese hasn't always been plain sailing. So if you are considering buying one of these majestic walking mops have a little read of my guide to owning a fluff ball. 

    Are you suited to a small dog? This is a good place to begin. If you are an outdoorsy kind of person who loves going out walking, a Maltese probably isn't the dog for you. They love walks as much as the next dog but their little legs just aren't made for long distances. If you only get time to walk them three times a week or less they're cool with that, along as you give them plenty time in the back garden to run around and bark to their hearts content. Yes, I said bark; they are not quite little dogs in fact they are pretty noisy. Bow likes to bark at birds and pretty much anyone who walks past our house. The only positive is no-one really takes much notice of her, she barks and passersby respond with a scoff and cute dog, she's not that intimidating. 

    So you probably don't want to buy a Maltese as a guard dog, but if you want a lap dog and a companion that is always happy to see you, you're probably on to a winner. Maltese are so placid by nature, they love cuddles and enjoy spending quality time with their owner, however this means that they rarely like to be left alone. Leaving your pupper unattended for a number of hours can cause them to be destructive or just super sad. Maltese are prone to separation anxiety so consider if you would be around enough for this sensitive breed. They are highly intelligent dogs and are very easy to train, however have the potential to be little madams if over pampered by there owners. I can tell you first hand how over spoiling your dog makes them a nightmare, Bow basically ignores me. However her sassy little attitude is what makes me love her more. 

    Are they easy to look after? In terms of effort yes, they require little exercise, they aren't troublesome dogs but Maltese are a delicate little breed and come with a lot of needs. 
    1. Maltese hate the cold, they are prone to chills so it's important that they are kept in a warm environment and that they are properly dried off when going out in damp conditions or after being bathed. On the flip side they also can get very hot in the summer, to avoid this I usually clip Bow around September. Another thing to keep in mind is that their hair doesn't offer much sun protection, especially on the nose and parting of the hair, it's best to put on sunscreen to keep them from burning.
    2. They can be pretty fussy little eaters, I had to shop around A LOT to find a food she would contently eat and that met her dietary requirements. Despite that she likes the food, she's not a particularly big eater, she rarely finishes her entire bowl and prefers to graze on her food throughout the day.
    3. They suffer from dental issues. Bow has cost me a small fortune in dental cleanings and teeth removal. Unfortunately small needle like teeth are a nightmare to keep clean AND yes they do require daily teeth brushing. I brush them, use additives to her water bowl, use plaque wipes and have dental food and she still has had 5 teeth removed. 
    4. They require an extensive amount of grooming, if you wish to have lovely long flowing locks you need to brush them daily and I mean properly. I'm not that great at keeping her coat good so I often keep it short and fluffy. Once again this can be a great expense looking at around £40 every 2 months to get them groomed. 
     Below is a few of my grooming and teeth brushing equipment that we use to keep Bow looking good, Oh and her two favourite toys.

    Okay if you've made it this far and you're still not put off then I think you've earned the right to know the amazing aspects of this four legged friend. They are devoted to their owners, all they want to do is spend time with you, cuddle and feel loved. I have never had or met a more affectionate dog. They befriend everyone, they don't have a bad bone in their body, they generally like most people and dogs and approach everyone with a sweet disposition that no-one can resist. They are lively little dogs with lots of personality, that will keep you laughing at their small dog syndrome. They keep their puppy playfulness into old age, they always want to keep playing, Bow loves to steal my socks. They are extremely curious and fearless, they love being cheeky, seeing new things and meeting new people. 
    Plus they are truly adorable! 

    Essentially, if you want a lovable and sweet pet that is low maintenance in aspect of exercise and you don't mind spending a little extra time grooming and you're home a lot. They are the ideal pet and you won't regret letting a little ball of floooof into your life. 



    Monday, 12 March 2018

    The Great British Cupcakery: Newcastle Upon Tyne

    I often find myself looking at naughty treats on random people's instagram's. My drooling face turns to disappointment when I realise nearly all of them are from London. There just seems to be so many quirky little eateries in the capital, I wish we had more here in Newcastle. One however that is equally tasty as it is beautiful (and close to home) is The Great British Cupcakery, which is located on the quayside. They've recently started doing those giant calorific milkshakes, so naturally I had to go get one.

    When I arrived I was torn between getting a bubble waffle or a milkshake, finally I compromised and got a waffle milkshake. It's not really a compromise but it's better than ordering both. There were so many yummy treats to choose from, that I really wanted to order a few things, but obviously I wouldn't be able to finish them all and that would be a waste. You just don't waste cake. I was swayed between a milkshake stacked with doughnuts and the waffle one, obviously my love for waffles won. It was a strawberry shake, topped with cream, nuteella, lots of waffles, icing sugar and a strawberry drizzle. Yes I too can feel myself getting a cavity and my arteries crying, but it's a one off treat. Plus it's all in the name of blogging, right? Just look how pretty it is too, I know that's not really a legitimate reason to go eat somewhere, but in the age of instagram did you even go out for food if you didn't upload it to the gram..

    I throughly enjoyed stuffing my face with waffles, cream and nuteella and I enjoyed about a quarter of the milkshake before I felt physically sick. Moral of the story don't be a pig like kelsey go share the damn thing with someone else. Next time I'll get nath to share with me or y'know not be greedy and just get a waffle.

    Nathan was a lot more conservative than me and got a chocolate scone, which looked delish. Warning his hands were covered in melted chocolate by the end of it, so go in expecting to come out like a toddler who managed to pull their biscuit out of the wrapper. He did however help me finish off my milkshake because I did not want to be defeated and I'm pretty sure he had his fair helping of the cream on top too. So if you're in the toon and you have yet to find one of these quirky little haunts then pop into The GB Cupcakery just off the Quayside, but make sure you take a large appetite or a partner in confectionary crime! 


    Wednesday, 28 February 2018

    Beauty Products That Won't Dissapoint

    I adore reading people's favourite posts, It's always nice to see what products people think are worth your hard earned coin. I only focused on a couple products, that are pretty much items I use daily and would repurchase without hesitation. I chose a lip product, a palette and body care.  To kick things off I'll start with the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. 

    I have a plethora of eyeshadows, but the one that keeps me coming back for more is the Modern Renaissance. I think its a really great palette for subtle or dramatic makeup. Using the neutral colours in the crease and Primavera all over the lid you can easily create a daily look. In the next breath you can play around with dusty or deep pinks and you have a much more dramatic look. In terms of shadow quality you can't beat ABH they are super pigmented. I own two of their palettes and have just ordered a third and I have had no issues. Agreed the more pigmented the shadow usually the more fall out you get but that is just part and parcel of this type of shadow. In terms of the shimmers I find them incredibly creamy. My favourite of all eyeshadow palettes and I'm so excited to try there new soft glam palette (little promo for a future first impressions post).

    In general I love Jo Malone, Pomegranate Noir is my absolute favourite scent. I honestly recommend all of their products, from their hand cream, to their perfumes. But the stand out product in my eyes is the body creme, not only is it a really hydrating moisturiser but the fragrance is so strong. I find that the scent from the body cream lasts longer than the perfume. I also own the little perfume, the candle and the hand cream but using all four at once is a bit of sensation overload. Pricey but totally worth it. 

    Last product and one that is always in my handbag. I bought this high shine lip gloss on a spur of the moment visit to sephora in Rome. I hadn't tried any Marc Jacobs products but I have honestly not touched another lipgloss since. I adore this shade in skin deep, its such a natural colour and I have had so many compliments since wearing this. I love the formula and the applicator is really nice, which makes such a difference. I love it so much that I'm going to go and buy more shades and that's obviously a testament to the products because £22 for a lipgloss is bloody absurd. I have my eyes on moon glow, sugar sugar and Rahrah which are all a similar hue to this perfect shade.

    Hope you enjoyed my little selection of ultimate favourites, I'd love to know if any of these products fall under your favourites or if I've tempted you give any of them ago. Also if you've got a favourites post, leave the link and I'll give them a read!

    Wednesday, 21 February 2018

    Cooking with Kels: Breakfast Muffins

    If your life is anything like mine, mornings are a series of frantic events. At times I'm so unorganised that I often go without breakfast. Or on good days you'll see me running to my car with toast in hand. It is to be said that my personal life can be a a whirl wind of organised chaos. Recently I have been making more of an effort to get my personal life in check; in particular eating healthier and being more organised. I suppose the other morning I killed two birds with one stone (excuse the grim expression).  Breakfast muffins are so quick and easy to make, plus you can make a batch and pop them in the fridge and your good to go for a few days.  Also you can make them super healthy and tasty. If you are interesting in flavour combos and how to make them keep on reading!

    So the basic recipe for this is just an egg whisked with cheddar, salt and pepper, then add you extra ingredients. It's basically scrambled eggs or a quiche without the base. You can pretty much add any flavours you want, but I suggest something that packs a punch as it can be pretty bland if you don't add some strong flavours. My favourite combos are Spring onion and Broccoli, Grated Garlic & Mushroom and Chill and Red Pepper. This is honestly a recipe that you can make in a coffee mug, whisk your egg add your ingredients and pour into a muffin tin then bake for 15-20 minuets depending on your oven.  I think there best eaten when warm, so you can eat them straight away or zapp them in the microwave at a later time. The perfect healthy breakfast or on the go snack! Have fun experimenting with flavours, Id love to know if you give these a go.

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