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Monday, 6 November 2017


This time of year is bloody great for makeup. Every brand either brings out a fabulous Christmas collection or puts together some great little gift sets. I have to say I am a sucker for both of these things. One particular set that caught my eye, was the Benefit brownanza 'wardrobe' gift set. Like always I was drawn in by the packaging because its adorable (albeit impractical), but what truly sold it to me was the fact I truly think it is good value for money. You get five full items and two brow accessories. This set retails for £49.50 and claims to included over £120 worth of products. I added all the products individually bar one of the tools that I couldn't get a price for and it came to £120 on the nose, so it's clear that this is great value for money.

So whats in the set? For anyone unfamiliar with these products I'm gonna give a brief overview of what this set includes and my personal opinion on the product. Starting with my favourite product in this set the Ka-brow. As you can tell from the photo I have been using this a lot. I got this set in shade three and It's a really good match colour wise for me. I think the packaging is sweet but for me the brush handle is more of a novelty than an everyday working product. The brush with the spoolie that comes in this set is much more sturdy and dense, so it gives a more precise line. I'd recommend using that more than the attached brush. Even if you don't get this set but use Ka-brow or another brow pomade I'd say go buy that brush I really think it's a great little angled brush. 

Next up is the Gimme Brow which is a tinted brow gel. This product I use on days when I'm just popping to the shop, running errands or walking the dog. Minimal makeup days to put it more precisely. This plumps up your brows and darkens them slightly. To be honest I use it to make my brows look a little more groomed, I don't apply to much because I have quite dense brows anyway so thickness is not really an issue for me. I just find it keeps everything neat and adds a little colour.

In partnership with the Ka-brow I've been using the Goof Proof pencil, just to fill in the front of my brows where it should be less harsh. I think it's a good pencil and I like the colour. Once again on minimal makeup days I just fill sparse places with this or use it to neaten up the shape of my brows. I like the product and I'll use it up but I don't know if I'd repurchase, simply because I've used comparable products and I think I like a thinner tip. 

I was dubious about this product, in fact I thought I was going to hate it. I imagined images of bold white eyeshadow under the brow arch and thought it would have a similar trashy effect. I was wrong and pleasantly surprised. This blends out to a lovely barely noticeable colour but just adds an extra refinement to the neatness of your brows. It has become a staple in my brow routine and I think its here to stay in my makeup bag.

Lastly is the Brow-zings. This is probably the only product that I will not use out of this set. I'm yet to try it simply because I'm not a huge fan of powder in my brows. I used to use these type of products back in the day but recently I've been more interested in using pomades and pencils. Just because I feel it's sharper and you have more control. I will keep the product just for when I run out of everything else but I can't see myself reverting back to powder any time soon. 

I feel a little embarrassed saying that prior to this purchase I had never tried any of benefits brow products, but it's true. I'm so glad that I finally tried them out and the Ka-brow has wormed it's way into my daily routine. I think this is a great introduction gift for someone who may have not used these before and clearly a good buy for a true fan of these products. Hope this was useful and that I have interested you in this gift set, because I really think it's a little cracker.


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