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Friday, 17 November 2017


I bought a really expensive foundation recently and it was so fucking disappointing. I am a little bit sick of throwing my money at expensive brands and being so underwhelmed by the results. I was so furious with wasting my money, before I knew it I was at a till in boots purchasing four random affordable foundations. Which obviously is stupid logic because I spent more money... Clearly the mist of rage deactivated any common sense in my brain. In between doing this haul and now I have actually found a Chanel foundation that I love but that is an expensive habit. So this haul has become more about finding a good everyday AFFORDABLE foundation.

So I ended up picking L'Oreal Infalliable, L'Oreal True Match, Maybelline Fit Me and Maybelline Superstay. Pretty much all these foundations are ideal for an oiler skin type that's pretty much where the similarities end. You can see from below that they are all different consistencies the infallible is by far the thickest and the Fit me is the wateriest of the bunch.

 What also differs in these foundation is the shade range. Basically I can't colour match in a rush clearly. The best match colour wise is the True Match in the shade Vanilla, which is such a stupid name because it makes it sound very pale and I'm really not. I have a pretty neutral undertone, which I struggle to match because everything is either too cool or warm. This is a little pinky but it's not a terrible contrast from my own skin. The infallible in Natural Rose, I don't actually think is at all a bad undertone it's very cool and almost grey purple which sounds weird but it suits my skin tone. The name once again threw me of a little but it's not at all pinky.  The Superstay conned me with the name Nude Beige, I thought it would be more neutral but it's rather warm toned, not at all unwearable but not a perfect match. The absolute fail of the day was the Fit me which I purchased in warm beige... GIRL WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING. All I can say is my mind must have went into meltdown at this point because I have no explanation as to why I thought this would match me. Because of this I have not road tested this foundation properly, because its not at all a wearable shade it is far to orange! So next time I'm in boots I'm going to grab me an appropriate shade, because I really like the consistency.

Infallible, though I really  liked the colour match, but the finish was a bit lacklustre for me. I felt my skin felt a little flat and too matte. Which is not a discredit to the foundation because it preformed as expected. It just simply isn't to my likening. It's basically a little bit too thick and heavy for me.

Superstay, I have enjoyed using despite it being a little off colour wise, once again clearly my error not the foundations fault that I am a twat. I enjoyed the finish and I liked the consistency of the foundation. However I don't believe it has Superstay power after five hours at work it had started to settle into pores and lines and just looked a little bit yuk. Not the fresh long lasting complexion I was expecting. It isn't crap by any standards but not a shower stopper.

The one I have been using nearly everyday for the past two weeks now is the True Match foundation. I think it matches decently to my skin tone, it is long wearing... it survives a full 8 hour shift at work. I like the coverage, it's not too full or too sheer and it doesn't feel heavy at all on your face. My only critique is that I can get a little of oil break through on my chin but I can live with that. So far I'm happy using it everyday for work. Don't get me wrong it doesn't make me look like I have the best most glowing, youthful skin in the world and I am not bowled over but it is a good everyday foundation. It's affordable and I think it does a really good job for it's price point. My quest for the perfect foundation isn't over... to be honest I don't know if I will ever be satisfied but this is pretty good foundation.

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