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Monday, 13 November 2017


I'm always on the look out for a good foundation. In fact it's my favourite type of product to review. For anyone who hasn't read this blog, I have oily skin. I also have very specific ideas of how I want my foundation, I need oil control but I don't want my skin to look matte or flat. Basically in an ideal world I want a semi matte foundation with great oil control that makes my skin look youthful and glowy. Now only if I could find it. As usual my quest continues.

So the product I'm reviewing today is obviously the Chanel Le Teint foundation. This foundation is described as a matte finish but with sheer luminous coverage. It's an incredibly thin and breathable foundation. It is also said to be a very long wearing foundation. I made the dumb dumb error of getting matched to this when I was using fake tan, so this fits me perfectly when I can be fucking arsed to tan.  What a bloody school girl error.  Other than the fact this is a good two shades darker than my natural skin tone, this foundation is really nice. It has such a beautiful finish it is matte but it's also very glowy, which isn't an easy combo to master.
As always the foundation smells incredible, which I really like there's nothing worse than plastering you're face in something that smells like emulsion. Another channel trademark besides the scent is the incredible packaging. I love a glass bottle it just makes everything seem a little more luxe. Bonus it comes with a pump, which I honestly think every bloody foundation should. In terms of price, it's definitely up there at £37 for a bottle it's not really a run to Tesco for a pint of milk foundation.
 The coverage can definitely be built up to full, without looking thick and cakey, just what we like! I naturally have large pores and I can say that this glides over the textured skin, without settling into any crevices. I tend to get a lot of creasing in my chin and under my eyes but this managed to keep that at bay. I think it's actually a pretty good foundation for us greasy girls. It handled all my problem areas pretty well and that's all I can ask for really.
 In terms of longevity I would say this does have pretty  good stay power. I was wearing this whilst I was hosting my birthday gathering and was in and out of a boiling kitchen checking on food and it did not budge. It then survived a night out in Newcastle and was still in pretty good condition when I returned home at 3 in the morning. It also photographs beautifully with and without flash (if I do say so myself). I really rate this foundation, it is expensive but for the results it gives I don't mind coughing up the cash. Im just a bit pissed that I got a darker colour.. next month I think I'll splurge on a lighter everyday/ winter shade.


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