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Friday, 17 November 2017


I bought a really expensive foundation recently and it was so fucking disappointing. I am a little bit sick of throwing my money at expensive brands and being so underwhelmed by the results. I was so furious with wasting my money, before I knew it I was at a till in boots purchasing four random affordable foundations. Which obviously is stupid logic because I spent more money... Clearly the mist of rage deactivated any common sense in my brain. In between doing this haul and now I have actually found a Chanel foundation that I love but that is an expensive habit. So this haul has become more about finding a good everyday AFFORDABLE foundation.

So I ended up picking L'Oreal Infalliable, L'Oreal True Match, Maybelline Fit Me and Maybelline Superstay. Pretty much all these foundations are ideal for an oiler skin type that's pretty much where the similarities end. You can see from below that they are all different consistencies the infallible is by far the thickest and the Fit me is the wateriest of the bunch.

 What also differs in these foundation is the shade range. Basically I can't colour match in a rush clearly. The best match colour wise is the True Match in the shade Vanilla, which is such a stupid name because it makes it sound very pale and I'm really not. I have a pretty neutral undertone, which I struggle to match because everything is either too cool or warm. This is a little pinky but it's not a terrible contrast from my own skin. The infallible in Natural Rose, I don't actually think is at all a bad undertone it's very cool and almost grey purple which sounds weird but it suits my skin tone. The name once again threw me of a little but it's not at all pinky.  The Superstay conned me with the name Nude Beige, I thought it would be more neutral but it's rather warm toned, not at all unwearable but not a perfect match. The absolute fail of the day was the Fit me which I purchased in warm beige... GIRL WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING. All I can say is my mind must have went into meltdown at this point because I have no explanation as to why I thought this would match me. Because of this I have not road tested this foundation properly, because its not at all a wearable shade it is far to orange! So next time I'm in boots I'm going to grab me an appropriate shade, because I really like the consistency.

Infallible, though I really  liked the colour match, but the finish was a bit lacklustre for me. I felt my skin felt a little flat and too matte. Which is not a discredit to the foundation because it preformed as expected. It just simply isn't to my likening. It's basically a little bit too thick and heavy for me.

Superstay, I have enjoyed using despite it being a little off colour wise, once again clearly my error not the foundations fault that I am a twat. I enjoyed the finish and I liked the consistency of the foundation. However I don't believe it has Superstay power after five hours at work it had started to settle into pores and lines and just looked a little bit yuk. Not the fresh long lasting complexion I was expecting. It isn't crap by any standards but not a shower stopper.

The one I have been using nearly everyday for the past two weeks now is the True Match foundation. I think it matches decently to my skin tone, it is long wearing... it survives a full 8 hour shift at work. I like the coverage, it's not too full or too sheer and it doesn't feel heavy at all on your face. My only critique is that I can get a little of oil break through on my chin but I can live with that. So far I'm happy using it everyday for work. Don't get me wrong it doesn't make me look like I have the best most glowing, youthful skin in the world and I am not bowled over but it is a good everyday foundation. It's affordable and I think it does a really good job for it's price point. My quest for the perfect foundation isn't over... to be honest I don't know if I will ever be satisfied but this is pretty good foundation.

Monday, 13 November 2017


I'm always on the look out for a good foundation. In fact it's my favourite type of product to review. For anyone who hasn't read this blog, I have oily skin. I also have very specific ideas of how I want my foundation, I need oil control but I don't want my skin to look matte or flat. Basically in an ideal world I want a semi matte foundation with great oil control that makes my skin look youthful and glowy. Now only if I could find it. As usual my quest continues.

So the product I'm reviewing today is obviously the Chanel Le Teint foundation. This foundation is described as a matte finish but with sheer luminous coverage. It's an incredibly thin and breathable foundation. It is also said to be a very long wearing foundation. I made the dumb dumb error of getting matched to this when I was using fake tan, so this fits me perfectly when I can be fucking arsed to tan.  What a bloody school girl error.  Other than the fact this is a good two shades darker than my natural skin tone, this foundation is really nice. It has such a beautiful finish it is matte but it's also very glowy, which isn't an easy combo to master.
As always the foundation smells incredible, which I really like there's nothing worse than plastering you're face in something that smells like emulsion. Another channel trademark besides the scent is the incredible packaging. I love a glass bottle it just makes everything seem a little more luxe. Bonus it comes with a pump, which I honestly think every bloody foundation should. In terms of price, it's definitely up there at £37 for a bottle it's not really a run to Tesco for a pint of milk foundation.
 The coverage can definitely be built up to full, without looking thick and cakey, just what we like! I naturally have large pores and I can say that this glides over the textured skin, without settling into any crevices. I tend to get a lot of creasing in my chin and under my eyes but this managed to keep that at bay. I think it's actually a pretty good foundation for us greasy girls. It handled all my problem areas pretty well and that's all I can ask for really.
 In terms of longevity I would say this does have pretty  good stay power. I was wearing this whilst I was hosting my birthday gathering and was in and out of a boiling kitchen checking on food and it did not budge. It then survived a night out in Newcastle and was still in pretty good condition when I returned home at 3 in the morning. It also photographs beautifully with and without flash (if I do say so myself). I really rate this foundation, it is expensive but for the results it gives I don't mind coughing up the cash. Im just a bit pissed that I got a darker colour.. next month I think I'll splurge on a lighter everyday/ winter shade.


Wednesday, 8 November 2017


Huda beauty eyeshadows have always intrigued me, I desperately wanted to get my hands on the rose gold palette when it first came out. Unfortunately at the time it sold out and after watching mixed reviews on YT I decided not to buy it. However there's always been this curiosity; but being a little bit skint I didn't want to throw nearly 60 smackers away on something that could be disappointing. When the obsessions palette came out last week, I finally threw caution to the wind and decided to try her shadows. The idea was that it was only £25 and I could live with that money loss... That was until I seen the shades and ended up spending £50 on two palettes because I couldn't choose. So rationale went out the window and by god I'm glad it did!

I purchased The Smokey and The mauve palette because I thought the two would work nicely together. I have to say that at the moment the smokey palette is my firm favourite. Looking online I expected the Mauve to be more cool toned and well.. mauve. To me it's more pink. Don't get me wrong I like the Mauve palette it's just not quite what I was expecting colour wise. I'm still pretty happy with the colour selection because I truly believe that I don't own anything similar. I have played with the idea of getting the warm brown palette, and I still might. At the moment however I think I'm taking a little break from warm eyeshadows (please don't hold me to that). I probably will cave but that's my current take on the situation. 

What I do know is that after trying these little palettes is that I am more than happy to plunge 60 quid into one of her larger palettes. The quality of these eyeshadows is amazing. I'm truly impressed with how pigmented and buttery these are. Naturally like high pigmented shadows fallout can be an issue, but armed with that knowledge in hand if you use a light hand it shouldn't be a problem. Her metallic shades are some of the most pigmented and smooth shadows I've ever used and very little product goes a long way. Her mattes are a little more dry but they really pack a punch, I am so impressed with the black shade. I find getting a true black eyeshadow a little bit of a chore, so to have a great shadow in such handy travel packaging is an instant win. I think each palette has the perfect components to create a full eye look from, which is always important if you are travelling light. There's not a lot that I don't like about these palettes, which is something I don't say often. My only critique is that I would love the shadows to have names... But that's just a saddo thing a blogger would pick up on. 

For £25 a palette I think you get great value for money. The pan size is actually pretty good, near on full size but in a very compact and travel friendly packaging. I love that it also has a decent sized mirror and I can say a good quality mirror at that. I can recommend this to anyone who is struggling to buy an avid beauty enthusiast something for Christmas. It's such good quality and not too expensive making it a perfect gift... or self gift, I won't tell if you won't! I've included some swatches below, I apologise about the lighting for the mauve palette it got a little gloomy outside but I assure you the metallic's are just as strong in that as they are in the smokey palette.


Monday, 6 November 2017


This time of year is bloody great for makeup. Every brand either brings out a fabulous Christmas collection or puts together some great little gift sets. I have to say I am a sucker for both of these things. One particular set that caught my eye, was the Benefit brownanza 'wardrobe' gift set. Like always I was drawn in by the packaging because its adorable (albeit impractical), but what truly sold it to me was the fact I truly think it is good value for money. You get five full items and two brow accessories. This set retails for £49.50 and claims to included over £120 worth of products. I added all the products individually bar one of the tools that I couldn't get a price for and it came to £120 on the nose, so it's clear that this is great value for money.

So whats in the set? For anyone unfamiliar with these products I'm gonna give a brief overview of what this set includes and my personal opinion on the product. Starting with my favourite product in this set the Ka-brow. As you can tell from the photo I have been using this a lot. I got this set in shade three and It's a really good match colour wise for me. I think the packaging is sweet but for me the brush handle is more of a novelty than an everyday working product. The brush with the spoolie that comes in this set is much more sturdy and dense, so it gives a more precise line. I'd recommend using that more than the attached brush. Even if you don't get this set but use Ka-brow or another brow pomade I'd say go buy that brush I really think it's a great little angled brush. 

Next up is the Gimme Brow which is a tinted brow gel. This product I use on days when I'm just popping to the shop, running errands or walking the dog. Minimal makeup days to put it more precisely. This plumps up your brows and darkens them slightly. To be honest I use it to make my brows look a little more groomed, I don't apply to much because I have quite dense brows anyway so thickness is not really an issue for me. I just find it keeps everything neat and adds a little colour.

In partnership with the Ka-brow I've been using the Goof Proof pencil, just to fill in the front of my brows where it should be less harsh. I think it's a good pencil and I like the colour. Once again on minimal makeup days I just fill sparse places with this or use it to neaten up the shape of my brows. I like the product and I'll use it up but I don't know if I'd repurchase, simply because I've used comparable products and I think I like a thinner tip. 

I was dubious about this product, in fact I thought I was going to hate it. I imagined images of bold white eyeshadow under the brow arch and thought it would have a similar trashy effect. I was wrong and pleasantly surprised. This blends out to a lovely barely noticeable colour but just adds an extra refinement to the neatness of your brows. It has become a staple in my brow routine and I think its here to stay in my makeup bag.

Lastly is the Brow-zings. This is probably the only product that I will not use out of this set. I'm yet to try it simply because I'm not a huge fan of powder in my brows. I used to use these type of products back in the day but recently I've been more interested in using pomades and pencils. Just because I feel it's sharper and you have more control. I will keep the product just for when I run out of everything else but I can't see myself reverting back to powder any time soon. 

I feel a little embarrassed saying that prior to this purchase I had never tried any of benefits brow products, but it's true. I'm so glad that I finally tried them out and the Ka-brow has wormed it's way into my daily routine. I think this is a great introduction gift for someone who may have not used these before and clearly a good buy for a true fan of these products. Hope this was useful and that I have interested you in this gift set, because I really think it's a little cracker.

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