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Friday, 20 October 2017


The second post in this Halloween series! A variation of my favourite skull look, taking it up a notch skill wise by incorporating layering colour. I just wanted to show you how much you can do with a skull you can really make it unique in any colour. I had seen posts on pinterest of neon skulls and this is my tribute to the trend, I think this would look so sick in neon blue or bright green. It would also be so easy to glam this out with some rhinestones and glitter to make a really eccentric sugar skull. 

For this type of heavy coloured look I recommend using a base of face paint and then adding detail and shading with eyeshadows and liquid eyeliners. That's just my humble opinion ultimately its what you find best and easiest. I hope you enjoyed the look and look out for my next Halloween look on Monday. I promise it won't be another skull.


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