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Saturday, 28 October 2017


 Seen as though my face is currently recovering from flu, my very tolerant boyfriend let me continue this series and do a Halloween look on him. I wanted to play with latex and do a slit mouth, so naturally I thought of doing the joker. Apart from being pretty laborious layering all that latex and loo   roll the rest of the look is really simple, white face, black eyes and green hair. If you are wearing a lower cut top you could also do some tattoos. I think it'd be great to write wanna play a game across the chest. Simple but effective! Hope you're all having a good Halloween weekend. Hopefully I can cram in a couple last looks in before Tuesday! Oh and thanks again Nath.


Friday, 20 October 2017


The second post in this Halloween series! A variation of my favourite skull look, taking it up a notch skill wise by incorporating layering colour. I just wanted to show you how much you can do with a skull you can really make it unique in any colour. I had seen posts on pinterest of neon skulls and this is my tribute to the trend, I think this would look so sick in neon blue or bright green. It would also be so easy to glam this out with some rhinestones and glitter to make a really eccentric sugar skull. 

For this type of heavy coloured look I recommend using a base of face paint and then adding detail and shading with eyeshadows and liquid eyeliners. That's just my humble opinion ultimately its what you find best and easiest. I hope you enjoyed the look and look out for my next Halloween look on Monday. I promise it won't be another skull.


Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Beside my birthday Halloween is the reason I love October. I'm going to try and attempt to bring you a few halloween inspo posts in the last week and half before halloween. I'm going to attempt to get as creative as possible and hopefully do some designs that reflect everyone capabilities. Starting with a pretty easy one but a firm favourite the skull. If you aren't that skilled with makeup this one can be pretty simple to recreate. The only fiddly bit is the mouth but if you use a thin enough brush it is easy enough. 

 I usually opt for a full white face but this year I went for a sort of sugar skull kinda vibe without all the embellishments. Just a tip if your going to do this opt for eyeliner and eyeshadow over face paint its so much more precise. I used a white liner from Nyx and just a collection black liner, It lasts so much longer than face paint and it actually dries down so your not covered in paint by the end of the night. It's always nice to bring the design down your chest and if your arms are exposed it looks great to draw down them too. Really the worlds your oyster in terms of how far you want to take it.

Hope you are all as excited for halloween as me and that you enjoy this little series of posts if you have any look suggestions feel free to let me know! 


Thursday, 5 October 2017

Bow Bear's 5th Birthday

I'm one of those sad people who like to treat their dogs like children. If you are also one of those people, or maybe you just like the idea of dogs dressed in party hats this is the post for you. I have had my little Maltese bow for five years now and she is the apple of my eye. My boyfriend is fully aware that in the event of a fire the dogs rescued before him and that the dog gets prime sleeping spot on the bed, we mere humans must work around her desired position. As clearly stated I spoil her rotten and this year is no exception because I decided to throw her a little birthday party. I sourced a dog friendly birthday cake and bought some party hats for her and her best pal Millie. The cake is mainly why I want to post this, as well as the fact that they both look adorable.  The cake is from https://www.doggiepatisserie.co.uk ( I ordered via not on the highstreet) and not only does it look incredible, the dogs really enjoyed it. My little white fluff ball is pretty picky and she wolfed this down so it must be tasty. Not only that but I ordered this pretty late and it still arrived on her birthday exactly, despite that the delivery states it can take longer but they will try to meet your delivery needs. I am so impressed with this business its clear a lot of thought is put into it and they even add your dogs name for no extra charge. So if you want to be a little extra like me, I can't recommend this company enough. Final thing to add is that I considered having a slice myself it smelt that bloody good! Oh and I got the party hats from pound land in case anyone is curious! 

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