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Sunday, 3 September 2017


I'm going to keep this short, sweet and straight to the point. I don't rate this product at all. For those who haven't seen this floating about yet this is Rimmel's Wonder Wing liner. Basically it's a liner that is shaped with a flat triangular edge that when stamped down supposedly leaves a perfect wing; to which you would then use the pointed edge to fill in the rest on the lid. Sounds pretty good in theory, in practise not so much. I had my suspicions that this was going to fall under the gimmicky category and I'm afraid my gut is never wrong. In my opinion the wing is too short and stumpy not exactly the on fleek, sharp enough to cut a bitch liner we are used to. That can be rectified if you use the thinner end to elongate the wing and create a sharper edge. I can work with it's shape and I get that the overall concept is helpful if you don't have a steady hand, what i struggle with the most is the consistency and colour of this product.

 When using a new eyeliner I always compare it to my Kat Von D liner because that's the standard I consider a kick ass product. This Wonder Wing falls seriously short of my standards, purely because it is lacking pigmentation and it's oily. I was honestly rather shocked at the colour pay off it wasn't very strong and because of the oily texture almost transparent in some areas. Obviously jet black eyeliner is a preference but patchy coverage is not ideal for anyone. It's something you have to layer to get good pay off and in my opinion all though the stamp is a cute idea it's just not handy enough to warrant the extra effort applying those layers. This product cost me £5.99 which is £10 cheaper than Kat Von D's tattoo liner, but trust me when I say it's an extra £10 well spent. This Wonder Wing requires that much layering that you will certainly run out so much quicker. I have had my Kat Von D liner for a year and its still going strong.

If you are truly terrible at winged liner you may benefit from this stamp aspect as a rough guide to fill in with another liner but if your capable of doing it yourself there are better options out there.

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