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Monday, 11 September 2017


I despise doing makeup shots on myself because I am so UN photogenic. The world of selfies has left me incapable of taking a photo when I can't see my own reflection. Also it's never that great to see yourself in high definition. 

Autumn is coming and everyone is going mad for cranberry and purple shades. My first port of call at this time of year is a good green toned shadow. I personally think that MAC's sumptuous olive is a very underrated eyeshadow. It's a beautiful olive shade with a golden sheen that's perfect for anyone apprehensive of the green eyeshadow. Paired with a cranberry coloured lip (just to keep the with drawls at bay) it is the most perfect autumn makeup. Of course if you are here for Instagram makeup with huge winged liner, braided brows (seriously wtf) and bat lashes you've come to the wrong place. I'm about wearing makeup not makeup wearing you. This isn't a tremendously hard eye makeup look nor is it bold or out there. It's wearable. Meaning it's something you can actually wear on a day to day without looking like your trying to hard, that will compliment your eyes. I'll stop with the ranting now.

It's a very simple eye combo. The crease was layered with soft browns gradually getting darker the further down from the actual crease. The lid was patted with sumptuous olive. The outer corner and under eye were darkened with a dark brown shade. I don't think its necessary to say the shades that went into the crease and outer corner work because there are a million browns by many brands that you could dupe mine with. Use the ones you like. Unlike sumptuous olive which is a pretty unique colour. I finish with lashings of better than sex mascara. If you want to be a little more glam feel free to add a wing and a black kohl to the water line.  Hope this has given you some olive inspiration and I'd love to know what you think of the shadow. 


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