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Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Today's little adventure took place in Weston Super Mare. The weather was bright and of course on a sunny day you have to partake in the most British of all customs; going to the coast, having fish and chips and pretending that it's a lot warmer than it actually is. The thing about the seaside as we so quaintly call it is that they are basically all the same. Weston Super Mare is pretty much the southern equivalent of Blackpool.  Is Blackpool northern? It's certainly more north than Weston anyway.  My geography is a little to be desired.  Only difference that the weather was better. It had the usual trademarks of a seaside town, Ferris wheel, roller coasters, sweet shops, ice cream and fish shops. The pinnacle of British culture. 

We obviously had fish and chips on the pier and sat outside and then moaned continuously about the influx of seagulls. Numerous references to Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds were made whilst the smell of vinegar lingered in your nostrils. It always scares me that if seagulls were a little bit more intelligent and decided to work in a pack to mob you, we wouldn't stand a chance. The food was a bit naff if I'm honest, we waited about 20 minuets in a queue and it really wasn't worth while.

After we had a stroll along the beachfront, we decided to have a gander at the sand sculptures. It's corny but you have to appreciate the effort that goes into these sculptures. I don't think I could put my heart and soul into a creation to know that it would soon crumble into a heap. I only took a few photos of the ones that I personally liked. My favourite has to be the elephant and the tortoise but that's just because I find it cute. Not exactly a cultural awakening but it was a pleasant day out and we got to enjoy the sun for the short time its here. 


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