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Thursday, 3 August 2017


No guesses regarding the content of this post, we've been sunning it up in Rome for the past few days! Trying to fit in a long weekend in Rome in one blog post seems somewhat impossible, so I think the best approach is to maybe spread it out over a few. It's no secret that I love travelling. I am obsessed with discovering new places, but unfortunately we don't often get a chance due to work commitments and conflicting shift work. We've been trying to fit in a few more city breaks in an effort to see as much as possible; so clearly Rome was our travel conquest of choice. 
In an attempt not to make this post incredibly long I'm quickly going to summarise the main attractions that we want to see and then break it down from there.

Piazza Venezia: This is where we started our journey just about every day. The square is the central hub of the city and a great starting point to walk to any of the attractions, most of which are only a 15 - 20 minuet walk from here. Right in the square is Altare della patria which is a beautiful monument which has some incredible views over the city picture below. 

The forum: Just a short walk from Altare della patria, the forum is like walking into a movie scene. The sheer vast landscape filled with ruins is just hard to take in. This was very much at the centre of roman lives, they held public speeches, criminal trials and even gladiatorial matches here. It's incredible to walk through such a bustling and modern city that also is just dripping in history and character. It shouldn't work but it just does.  

Trevi Fountain: Firstly apologies for the poor quality I couldn't even get my camera out of my bag this place was so busy. It's clear to see that the Trevi fountain is a beauty, unfortunately its beauty is undermined by the sheer amount of people that gather too see it. I would love to go there out of season when everyone is not pushing for a spot at the front.  Despite that you can not deny the craftsmanship of this beautiful fountain and even though you may struggle to get a nice holiday selfie with it, without other peoples heads or selfie sticks its very much worth seeing. 

The Spanish Steps: This attraction was probably the most disappointing for me, as you can see another very popular destination which means a LOT of people.  I visited it because I suppose you have to, however although I can appreciate its uniqueness and beauty, in comparison to all the other beautiful architecture it was somewhat underwhelming. The Spanish steps is however in a beautiful area of Rome. Especially if you love a bit of shopping, this area is drenched in beautiful restaurants and designer shops. 

We visited Villa Borghese which is my absolute favourite place in Rome but I'm keeping this under wraps until my next post because it's just too beautiful to gloss over in a sentence or so. Lastly I just want to share some street shots I took whilst I was wandering around because too me thats the best part about travel just getting lost in pretty streets. Im sure you will agree that no matter where you are in Rome, its all beautiful. 


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