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Friday, 4 August 2017


I teased about this beautiful place in my last post and I'm sure that now you can see why I have waited to dedicate an entire post to Villa Borghese. It's hard to imagine that within the bustling city there is this little piece of peace and tranquillity. The moment we booked Rome, I began my research and stumbled on a pinterest post about a romantic lake hidden in the city. On our last day it was our mission to walk here and find the lake within the villa Borghese gardens. We walked around the park itself for almost two hours until we finally arrived here, but in all honesty there was so much more too see we only scratched the surface.

The city had been an exciting adventure but as a true country girl I really longed for a quiet moment and a peaceful stroll away from bumping shoulders with strangers and people standing  on my toes. So far Rome had its moments of romance but most of the time it was map reading, busy traffic and trying to figure out crossing the road without being flattened. Walking for multiple hours in the heat does bring the occasional crossed word and the fact that neither of us knew how to really navigate a map did not help with tension. So strolling through the park hand in hand just having a chance to chat and reflect was just what the doctor ordered. As I looked around the few people that were here also seemed to have been charmed by its romantic scenery, it was definitely a place for a lovers stroll.

After admiring the beauty and taking a couple snaps we decided to take a boat ride which was only a few euro each. I was rather excited that the little lake was full of turtles, Rome had not provided me with any animals to coo over so this was a good opportunity. It was very relaxing just basking in the sun having a chin wag and taking some photos in the idyllic setting. We had almost forgot where we were, it was such a contrast from the bustling streets. I feel so fortunate that we got to spend a beautiful day here together, I think its something I will never forget. A definite must if you visit Rome and just want a little break from the hustle and bustle, it takes a little finding but its a manageable walk from the city centre. I honestly don't think its something you should miss.


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