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Saturday, 5 August 2017


Now and then I have brief moments where I decide not to be a makeup snob and try some affordable makeup. I am under no illusions, I know that drugstore makeup can be equally as good (sometimes better) than high end. The only reason I often don't buy it, is because I like to feel like I'm treating myself when I buy cosmetics. Basically pretty packaging and designer names get the better of me. Secondly I am a creature of habit and when I find a brand that works for me I gravitate towards it. Thirdly I sometimes forget how much the drugstore makeup world has progressed. In the last couple of years the drugstore just seems to be going from strength to strength in terms of innovation and quality. I certainly think there are some great stuff on the shelves comparable to high end labels, if not giving them a run for their money.    

I was in superdrug picking up some toiletries for my holiday and I ended up browsing the makeup isle. If I dare say it, Superdrug isn't somewhere I often shop, so I was rather curious about the brands they stocked. Obviously I am no stranger to Makeup Revolution, I haven't been living under a rock. In the past I have always been impressed by their powders, I own a few of their palettes and one of their dare I say it 'knock off' TooFaced shimmery bronzers. I happened to be in the market for a new matte bronzer as my TooFaced one has hit pan. I was no where near a TooFaced stockist so I decided to just five the Makeup revolution ultra bronze a go. Mainly because it was three quid, so I didn't have much too loose. So far I'm pleasantly surprised, it's definitely worth the three pound that's for sure. I find it apply's well, no patchiness and I don't mind the colour it's not too orange. I do wish it was a little bit more cool toned but I can live with it. Worth every penny and I'm totally going to repurchase. Side note I think its perfect for going on holiday because you wouldn't have to worry about whether its going to get damaged and its very complimentary to a tan.

The Next product I was sceptical about because I haven't heard of the brand and the price point was very cheap. #ProArtist had a range of products from primers, contour, bronzers and eye makeup. I ended up just picking up an eyeshadow that was two quid. I liked this product because I would slip straight into my palette and of course because it was outrageously cheap. Expectations were not ridiculously high on this product but I was actually shocked on how creamy these were. I found the consistency really impressive for the price point. When i swatched the shadow it really clung to the skin and had great longevity. The colour pay off is more on the sheer side, but on a holiday this would be a great all over the lid, quick makeup eyeshadow. I really loved the shimmer on this shade and will be popping back to pick up a few more colours and see if they follow suit. 

 I have had my beady little eyes on these since they launched. I swatched just about all the colours and left them for a good 7 hours. I then got in the shower and I scrubbed the shit out of my hands, and all I have to say is that the Rimmel stay Matter liquid lip colour is industrial. Girls if you're going for cocktails and will possibly be too intoxicated to do a touch up, don't worry Rimmel's gotcha back. I picked up Latte to Go and Mocha. I'm a bit concerned that Latte to Go is gonna be a little light on my skin tone, but I love the shades. To combat the paleness of latte to go I picked up a lip liner from Nyx in the shade sandstorm because I think it will compliment it very well, but only time will tell. These retail for around £6.00 and at the moment at boots they are buy one get one half price (offer was available on the 5.8.17). I plan to basically get every shade of these, I have fallen in love with them from first swatch. Is that a thing.. love at first swatch. The only shade I'm hesitant on is the grey shade... I think its amazing but I'm not sure I have the balls to rock it or pull it off. I've put in a couple swatches below, first is Latte to go and the last Mocha. Would love to here if you guy's like these as much as me or if you have any other liquid lips recommendations!


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