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Monday, 17 July 2017


I'm going to start by saying that this isn't really a foundation suitable for my skin type and I knew this prior to purchase, that being said I'm super impressed how things turned out. So just a heads up I'm an oily girl and foundation is a real struggle for us greasy folk. If you also have oily skin, this review may come in handy. If you have dry skin I'm afraid it probably won't be much use, my skin has never had a dry patch and therefore I have no experience on the plight of dry skin. What I do know however is how much it sucks to have oily skin and how hard it is to make your makeup last. If your curious how this foundation works on a greasy gal like me, keep on reading.

First I'm gonna talk about the packaging, because honestly first impressions count. I really like the frosted glass bottle, it has a nice weight to it and I love the gold writing on the glass. I'm not a complete fan of the lid, I think the plastic looks and feels pretty cheap, but I'm not mad at it over a lid.  Hallelujah it comes with a pump attached, I think this should be a basic right when it comes to foundation (little dig at mac there). I purchased this in Debenhams for £29.00. Price range is pretty average for a popular 'high end' makeup brand, it's pretty consistent price wise with other brands across the board. Links to UK retailers here: Debenhams Selfridges

On to the actual product, I picked up the shade light beige. So I have a neutral completion its not yellow toned and its not pink, I'm a mixture. This means that I can choose which undertone I want, but it also means that I never truly get a good foundation match. I really toyed on what shade to pick but I eventually settled on this one that is a bit dark for my face but has a lovely mixed undertone. It looks very yellow swatched but it is definitely more warm when blended into the face. I would say the consistency of the product is average not watery but not thick either, it blends out pretty easy and you don't need a lot of product. I'd say that the foundation is a semi matte finish. It is matte but it's almost luminous at the same time. The coverage is medium to full, I actually think this foundation has great coverage without looking cakey.

Too Faced claim that this foundation masterfully diffuses the line between makeup and skin leaving you with natural radiant skin. And in many ways I agree, it's reasonably lightweight considering the coverage you get and it really does leave your skin radiant. But I do feel like you can tell I'm wearing foundation, so I wouldn't go as far as to say it blurs the lines between makeup and skin. You will see from the before and after photo below that it clearly covers my very minor break out and midgie bites and hides a lot of discolouration under my eyes. It seems to cover everything that needs coverage but also lets your skin come through. I am also in love with the undertone of this foundation, although the colour is a little dark it's something I can work with.

Now I'm gonna chat about longevity and I'd like you to bare in mind that his foundation is not tailor made for oily skin, its in fact for combination dry skin. Since it was an oil free foundation I thought I'd take a punt on it. It has a lot of hydrating properties which can also benefit oily skin as dehydration causes the over production of oil. Plus I love the finish, just because I'm oily it doesn't mean I want to be matte, flat and lifeless. I want shine just not an oil slick. I'd say this foundation lasted around 5 hours without horrendous production of oil on the t-zone. For a foundation not created for oil control I consider that pretty good. I tested this without a primer or setting powder, so with the right combination I really think it could last 8hours plus. I just need to find the right combination! Blotting is worth while when your skin looks this healthy and glowy. It isn't the best for oily skin I'm not gonna lie, and if you can't stand touch ups and blotting your going to hate this. For me however I am prepared to put in the hard work to look like I have good skin!

It's not a perfect foundation and this isn't a glowing review but I know that I have problem skin and considering all the factors I do like the foundation. In fact I love it at first application I just wish it looked like that all day. The quest to find a glowy foundation that controls oil is still on but this is a good substitute for the time being.


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