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Saturday, 22 July 2017


This is sort of a case of YouTube made me buy it. For years this has been floating around the beauty community and I've always wondered whether this was worth the hype so to speak. Temptation finally got the best of me and I bit the bullet and purchased this little beauty. Can we just admire how perfect the packaging is. Classic black and gold screams sophistication, it is the perfect vanity piece. A lovely little item to glam up your dresser without a very hefty price tag. That being said I would never tell you to purchase an item solely based upon the pretty packaging so lets get into the good stuff.

SO, Chanel describe the product as a cream gel bronzer that glides on to the skin to leave a velvety finish, leaving you with a sun kissed matte but natural look. The product can be worn under foundation or over the top. I have not used this under my foundation as I think that's a bit heavy for my personal taste but I have been using it as a bronzer over the top of my foundation. Pictured below the product looks very warm, which it is but not near as orange as the photo is making it out to be. If you are very fair I don't think that the colouring would be great on your skin tone. I have a medium neutral skin tone and even then its potentially on the dark/warm side. It's supposed to be a universal shade but I think that's bollocks to be honest.  No way is this catering for very light or very dark girls.

As you can see from the photo above I have tried and tested the product a food few times, its not looking that hot now.  I've tried applying this in different ways and I've found that the best technique is to dab the product on and then lightly buff. When I first tried this product I applied far too much product to my brush and tried to buff it in and my goodness it was a hot mess. Only a little bit of product is needed on a tapered buffing brush, it is so pigmented that the smallest amount goes a long way. I'm not going to lie this is not a fool proof product to work with, but then again I find cream   face product always are. I often find it can be more difficult to deposit the product in the right place with a cream product and this is no exception. There are times when I have applied this and it has been patchy as hell and other times it has been a seamless glow. Mastering the application is key, once you have that down you're life of sun kissed skin awaits you. With this knowledge in hand if you are prepared to put in the extra time then you'll will learn to love this product, because the finished result is great. If you're a slap it on the face and go kinda girl, this really isn't for you.

I find that upon application the product is tacky but it does eventually dry down. I wouldn't say its a light product I could feel it on my face, which although I don't mind I know its not for everyone. I purchased this at Boots, at the price point of £36.00. Value wise for the amount of product that you will use I think its very reasonably priced, its not a product that you will get through very easy.  Other stockist include: John Lewis House of Fraser Debenhams.

For me this product is worth the hype, because I am willing to put the effort in. However I can see how it won't be for everyone, it can be a pain to apply, its pricey and the colour is not favourable for everyone. I will be continuing to use this for the foreseeable as I love the glowy natural finish it gives my skin. All I can say is take away any points that apply to you in this review and weigh up if this is the right product for you and hopefully you'll like it as much as I do too.


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