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Saturday, 10 June 2017


Summer is officially here, not that we would know with all the rain at the moment.  Nevertheless, I've been keeping positive and focusing on my summer holiday. There's nothing like a change of season to make you reevaluate your wardrobe; I'm going to Rome in July and I currently only have knitwear in my closet. This calls for an excuse to shop, which would be so exciting if I wasn't so poor. So I'm picking up bits and bobs as I go and spreading out the costs, so chances are there will be a few of these clothing posts. 

My vision for clothes for Rome are flowy, white, cute and simple. Which isn't drastically different from my regular clothes. I like minimalistic fashion, I would call it chic but that word kind of conjures up a glamorous image and that's not a very accurate description of myself. I just like to look smart without look overstated and a neutral wardrobe with tiny touches of colour never fails. This is pretty much why I love Zara, they have some lovely pieces that are simple but still striking and they don't cost an arm and a leg (most of the time). I picked up this lovely embroidered top, the comes in at the waist with tassells either side and then flows back out almost peplum like without the structure. I think I'll pair this top with some baby pink shorts with darts and some wedges. For £25.00 I think this item is a great holiday staple, something that could be casual during the day or dressed up more worn with jeans and heels for a semi casual lunch. It fits my ethereal, wanderlust vibe that I want for my Rome trip, so I'm a happy girl. Link provided below! 

As you can see my pop of colour usually comes in shoe form. I like a statement shoe, it usually where I have my most fun. Therefore I just could not pass up on these bright orange sliders from Zara. Paired with a minimal outfit these will really stand out and just give your look that extra something. They could be casual or more dressy. I wore these with some mom jeans, rounded glasses and a bardot cut top for serious retro vibes, but these also look really modern and classy pair with a simple white dress during the day. Best thing is that they are only £19.99. Downsides however, are my feelings towards sliders, I'm not convinced in practicality. Like it or not summer means sweaty feet, and sliders are hard to keep on at the best of times. My feet were flying out of these until I got used to them; and let me tell you standing on the back of that shoe with the fleshy sole of your foot hurts like a bitch! I will still wear them because pain and beauty and all, but if your not as willing to injure yourself for pretty shoes maybe reconsider these babies. 

My shopping trip was a little bit of a flop, I love the two items from Zara that I purchased but shopping is sometimes just a reminder that your skint and have gained a few pounds. Is there anything more depressing than going in a fitting room with those mirrors from every angle? Fabulous, now I can see the cellulite on areas of my body that I have never seen before... all at once. So shopping not only provided me with some new shoes and a top it also reminded me to stop eating crap and to bloody exercise.  47 days to go..

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