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Thursday, 4 May 2017


To be completely honest hosting a sleepover in your twenties isn't really a thing that is done. So we will call it a girls night in.. same thing slightly more grown up name. But besides from the fact that we now legally bought our own alcohol and didn't steal it from our grans wine cabinet or beg someone to 'go to the shop' for us, it consisted of the same sort of thing. Ordering a very big takeaway, getting a bit tipsy and talking until two in the morning.

The purpose of this post is not to bring the sleepover back in fashion (although I totally agree its worth while) it's to talk about the very cute pj's I bought at a very unassuming price. YES I did use the excuse of having a sleepover to treat myself to some new jimjams. My criteria for nightwear is that it has to be light and non restrictive. I am a bit of a weirdo and I get very warm in my sleep so thin pjs are a must have, second criteria is that they have to be cute AF.

Drum roll please, because it's time for the big reveal of place bought and price paid. So these are the best purchase I have ever made in Asda living in my life. Yes, Asda. If that wasn't shocking enough the set was only a tenner. Lets be honest these could have been sitting on a Topshop hanger and you wouldn't even have questioned it. Definitely a supermarket bargain, so just in case you feel inspired to organise a sleepover, put on a few chick flicks and drink some wine in some fancy jarmies, I'll leave the link below.



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