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Tuesday, 14 February 2017


I almost had a heart attack, when I woke up at my boyfriends a couple hours before my flight to Barcelona and realised I'd packed an empty bottle of Chanel foundation. So a mad dash around duty free lead me to the purchase of this Dior skin foundation. I have previously had a Dior foundation and I really liked the formulae and finish of the brand, so I decided to take a punt on the same brand but a different line. I picked this mainly because I'd read that it had a very natural finish but still with good coverage for that your skin but better look. Very similar to my beloved Chanel foundation. After using this for just over a week, I can say I'm very impressed, in fact I was impressed from the first application.

At first I was a bit worried, because the formulation felt a little oily. Yet when I worked it in it dried down very nicely but still had a lovely healthy sheen. This foundation seems to smooth over fine lines and pores and really blurs out imperfections. The colour matches lovely and doesn't seem to oxidise at all. I've tried it with my MAC 170  synthetic slant brush and with my MAC 190 paddle brush and it applied lovely with both, although I like it better with the 190 as its just my personal favourite. The foundation is very runny and comes with a dropper to apply, which I am never a fan of when not using a kabuki type brush. But because its such a lovely foundation so I can see past the annoyance of the pipette. The packaging in every other respect is absolutely gorgeous, I love a glass bottle and the silver detail with the engraving on it just sets it off. Dior always knocks it out the park with packaging , it the kind of product that will take great pride on the dresser.  This retails at £33.50 in John Lewis available here: http://www.johnlewis.com/dior-diorskin-nude-air-fluid-foundation/p1809676

I can not rave about this enough but honestly try it for yourself and find out.


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