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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation

 Having oily skin I know that the struggle is real to get a foundation that actually works for you. I have tried and tested a heap of foundations in my time with varying results and I'm considering sharing the good the bad and the downright ugly in the future. That being said I want to start off on a good note, so in this post I'm going to pour over my new favourite foundation. 

This foundation retails in Boots for £33.00 I actually cashed in my Boot's points so I got it for free! Who doesn't love treating themselves with their Boot's points. I have been fancying trying a Chanel foundation purely for vanity reasons, because they're so darn cute. I asked the representative what she recommended for oily skin and she suggested the Lumiere velvet or the Perfection Lumiere. I went for the velvet purely because I'm liking a little lighter coverage for work at the moment. I plan to invest in the other one too for further investigation.

Being an oily girl and trying to find a foundation that controls oil without making your face far too matte is a problem I have encounter since god knows when. So finding that this is very light, controls oil and applies to the face more of a satin finish, well I nearly fell over. The quality that I really love about this foundation is it has almost a blurring effect on the skin. It seems to even out blemishes and uneven skin tone very well, but at the same time keep a very natural healthy looking finish. 

The sales patter sounds too good to be true I know, there is one small thing that could turn you away from this foundation. It's quite a high price point and honestly I think you will run out of this foundation pretty quickly and here's why. The consistency is very thin and watery and all though you might not need that much, its very easy to squeeze too much out. The foundation is build able into a much heavier coverage but you do need to use a fair bit. I've been using this as my go to since the end of October and I'm half way through my second bottle. So its averaging out about a bottle a month which is about half of what I usually get out of my regular foundations. That being said I have no regrets in buying this product as the wear outweighs the price in my opinion. The colour range seems very pink too me which I can get away with but more yellow toned girls might struggle with this colour selection. For us neutral coloured girls its a very good option. I would love to know what you think of the foundation and if its going to worm its way into your favourites. 

A definite thumbs up from a greasy girl. 


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