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Thursday, 5 September 2019

Planning a Wedding in around 6 Months

This blog title is just giving me anxiety! Where do I even begin, welcome to another episode of Kelsey bites off more than she can chew! The last month or so have been a wild ride, I'll spare you all the details but to summaries a few; Moved jobs, Bought a house and got engaged! It's weird how your life can be so stagnant and then all of a sudden everything comes at once. 

So as stated in the title this will be a very short engagement, for reasons I will divulge at a later date and no it's not because I'm pregnant before we start that rumour mill. So to soothe my panic I thought what a good opportunity to write about myself on the blog for a change, so look out for a weekly segment on wedding progress. This month is entirely dedicated to venue hunting and potential date setting. So far we have visited Healey Barns and The South Causey Inn we still need to go see Slaley, Matfen and Le Petite Chateaux. We are aiming to get a date and venue booked asap and then we can get invites out and start the rest of the preparations!

Last weekend we went to our first of many wedding fairs! It was at Wynyard Hall in their grand marquee. The grounds are so beautiful there! We ordered a glass of fizz and wandered around the vendors purely for inspiration purposes. I actually loved one of the dresses they had on the runway, but I'm keeping hush about that minor detail. The event was hosted by Belle Bridal Magazine and we got a copy and a goodie bag (how cute is the quote Bag for Wife). The mag has been so helpful for giving venue ideas and other little sparks of inspo! There was something for everyone from teepee's and shetland ponies adorn with unicorn horns to fortune cookie favours and ice cream vendors. Such a great source if your looking for those quirky little extras! I have a million ideas of what I want but if it will actually come to fruition who knows! If anyone has planned a wedding a quick time scale let me know some tips and tricks, the rest of you just wish me luck! 


Thursday, 29 August 2019

Bottomless Brunch @ Sohe Jesmond

No surprise that I leaped at the chance to go back to Sohe for another delicious meal! Another visit another amazing deal.  Me and Nath were invited to try their bottomless brunch; that's 90 minuets of free flowing drinks, a sharing starter and a main for £25.95pp.  I think that a great price regardless but coupled up with the relaxed atmosphere of Sohe it's unbeatable. Every time me and Nath go to Sohe I instantly feel relaxed, the dim lighting comfy seats and smell of gorgeous food instantly makes you feel at home.  We settled into our nice plush booth and order our first (of many) drinks, I started off with a classic glass of Prosecco and then moved on to try their Yuzu spritz which I loved! If you like tarte drinks you'll adore the spritz! Nath was on the beer of course.

We then tucked into the sharing starter which consisted of: Chicken Satay, Veggie spring rolls, prawn crackers with tamarind dip and salt and chili squid. The dip that came with the crackers was a firm favourite of mine (only complaint is that I didn't want to share with Nathan) I also really enjoyed the chicken satay the sauce was so creamy! There's plenty food there for two, in all honesty I was actually pretty full. I then went on to have the Lamb Massaman curry, which I have to say is one of my favourites that I have eaten at many restaurants. This was definitely up there with some of the best and most authentic, I absolutely love crispy shallots sprinkled on my Massaman, the lamb was cooked to perfection it pretty much fell apart in the bowl! Certainly a dish I could wolf down again and again. Nath was so impressed with our last visit he ordered exactly the same meal King prawn vermicelli, he is a creature of habit after all. Nether the less he was more than happy with his meal! We had such a laugh, good food and we were never without a glass. It's available Friday and Saturday 12pm-5pm, so pretty much ideal for a girly lunch date fuelled by prosecco and gossip  Make sure you book a table if you fancy a tipple!

Visit https://www.sohe.co.uk/special-offers


Thursday, 16 May 2019

Parichat @ Sohe jesmond

Is it completely shallow that the first judgment I make of a restaurant is its interior? I think its fairly common with the selfie generation to pick places based on it's 'insta hotspot photobility.' Before you exit this blogpost, I'd like to point out that I am mainly influenced by the menu but I'd be lying if I didn't say a good photo opportunity doesn't lure me in. I'm happy to point out that Sohe has the ability to boast both strengths; a beautiful menu that's  complimented by it's chic interior. 

Last Saturday I found myself seated in a beautiful beau window with the sun beaming in, sampling the set menu at Parichat at Sohe (as well as the cocktails). Purely on first impressions glancing around the room, I thought 
I am actually surprised these guys do a *happy hour* type menu and it's so reasonably priced. The decor feels very luxe and modern that you would naturally expect a luxe price tag. Yet three courses for £15.95 is incredibly reasonable, especially considering the quality of the dishes I experienced. 

To start I had Spring rolls with a homemade sweet chilli dip. My fella 
had the Steamed pork and spring onion dumplings which were accompanied by a soy, chilli oil and coriander dip.  Both were incredibly flavoursome, I had some of Nathans... purely for research purposes only of course. With five starter options in total,;I think its a brilliant set menu with plenty of variety. In fact it was quite hard to decide which one I wanted to try. I guess that just warrants another visit! 

Then along came the main meals, I chose Pan fried Sea Bass filet with a smoky curry sauce, Pak Choi and jasmine rice. I most definitely stand by my choice, I'm pretty sure Nathan had complete food evny over my dish. The smoky spiced sauce with the crisp salty skin of the Sea bass was an utter delight. The fish just fell apart if was so beautifully cooked and the accompaniment of my favourite chinese vegetable Pak Choi added a lovely crunch. I love a mix of textures in my food it adds so much to the experience. A dish that I would order again in a heart beat and honestly haven't really been able to stop thinking about since we left. Once again there was a nice variety of options meat, fish and a vegan dish.

In between courses I was obviously sampling the gorgeous cocktails. I love elaborate designs and fancy glasses when it comes to cocktails. Theres something about it that just makes you feel like you are in the lap of luxury, maybe that's just me? I have to also point out that these drinks are not style over substance they tasted amazing and were all made with quality ingredients. The drink in my first photo in the amazing glass is called Destination Unknown which was a gorgeous Gin tipple. I also sampled Noh Aku Aku which is Rum based and as I've heard a customer favourite. It's not hard to tell why, it comes in the most amazing novelty glass shaped like a face. Lastly I knocked back a drink called find your zen, which was another fruity number that came with a slice of watermelon and a sprig of lavender. I mean all are worthy of appearing on your instagram grid. 

Lastly we had desert, Nathan's favourite course. He had Salted caramel and peanut ice-cream which I didn't get a photo of because it was half way down his neck before I could even open my mouth. Apparently it was just too good to wait. I had Rum and Chilli roasted pineapple with coconut sorbet, which was just a lovely balance of sweetness and spice and a lovely way to end the meal. 

If you fancy a gander at the menu its available on their website under special offers  but you best be quick as this spring menu will not be around for long! Set menu is available Mon - Thur 5pm - close, Fri - Sat 12pm- 6pm and Sunday 3pm until close.  2 courses £13.95   3 courses £15.95


Friday, 12 April 2019

Moda In Pelle: Launch at Fenwick Newcastle

I still pinch myself that I get invited to these kind of events! What a dream to browse a gorgeous range of shoes from Moda In Pelle ( Prosecco in hand) and then get to pick out my very own pair. The event was to celebrate the official launch of Moda In Pelle in Fenwick Newcastle. I have to admit that I didn't know much about the Moda In Pelle before the event, but I always love discovering new brands!

A little Back story: The brand was was founded in 1975 by Stephen Buck, they have been crafting beautiful leather shoes for over 40 years! They aim to bring together British design and Italian quality.

Looking around the store I was quite impressed at what a diverse age range this brand catered for, they do everything from glitzy sandals, comfy trainers to going out heels. I could line up every single woman in my family and there would be something to offer her here! At one point I was wishing I had a 9-5 job with a suit and such, just so I had an excuse to wear their gorgeous brogues and loafers.

There were quite a few shoes that stole my heart so choosing a pair to take home was quite a task. So I decided to photograph my absolute favourites! I think my top picks show just how diverse of a range they have! First up we have the trainer. Now I am not stereotypically a trainer kinda gal, but these screamed all kinds of Gucci vibes at me. These are just the chicest little pair of trainers I ever did see. Black with a leopard print pop and a stripe of red, also the chunky sole is so on trend! AND if you aren't obsessed with animal print are you even in 2019.

Second runner up were these gorgeous Valentino-esque heels, completely more my usual style.  Not only do they resemble a very popular design of shoe, the colours are just insane. I'm really into a statement shoe and these would certainly turn heads. The only reason I didn't end up with a pair in this style is because I have a few shoes similar in shape (not colour) and I wanted to go for something a little different to what I already own.

Here we have it, the raining champion... the boldest pair of shoes in the store! A gorgeous glossy pair of patent leather orange heels, with a block heel featuring a gorgeous metallic finish. Not only do they look amazing but oh the comfort.  They have a full leather padded sock which means you can dance the night away and still be able to walk the next morning. I was inspired to buy these after speaking with Leanne who was running the event, she mentioned that Moda In Pelle want their customers to be bold, to try something they might not usually lean to. These shoes are most certainly bold and I feel like they really capture my style I can see a 70's influence in the block heel and the metallic has a very 90's vibe.

I'm going to link the website here so you can all browse their shoes https://www.modainpelle.com But if you can why not pop into Fenwick Newcastle because the shoe's really are worth seeing in person! To wrap this up I really just want to say one last Thank you to Moda In Pelle and Fenwick Newcastle and another Huge thanks to Leanne for organising the event and being a such great host!

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Old favourites & New found loves

I'm just going to put it out there, I keep my makeup way longer than recommended. Basically if it doesn't smell or look yuck, it gets to live another day. Expect mascaras and eyeliners, nobody wants an eye infection. So when I do these 'old' favourites posts, some of these items have genuinely been with me forever. (No shame) My Mac skin finishes were an obsession, when I first started really loving makeup. I own lots of Mac powders, but these two are ones I still reach for. I feel like Soft & gentle has a place in a lot of ride or die Mac fans hearts. This to me was the original highlighter before highlights became such a thing! I clearly have loved mine to death as I have hit pan. There are truly very few products I ever use that often, so its a real testament to how much I adore this. Golden Globe is another amazing skin finish by Mac, but seeming underrated. This when your tanned and summery just takes your glow full JLO. Forever a summertime / fake tan anytime favourite. 

The two Chanel items are complete happy accidents. The lippy my dad got me for Christmas because the colour I wanted was limited edition and out of stock and this one was similar! I actually think I prefer this to the one I chose! Its the shade Sourire, its very sheer with a light pink glittery cast! Very cute. The Coco Noir perfume my boyfriend bought me for Christmas, after becoming confused in the perfume store and picking this up thinking it was Tom for Black orchid (which I wore at the time). I really love the smell of this perfume and its not something I think I would have picked up for myself! So I'm pleasantly surprised, after all that he could remember was 'it comes in a black bottle' it could have been a true disaster. 

My newest found love are the Makeup revolution Pro brushes which I picked up for under £3 each. I'm truly impressed with the quality of these brushes for the tiny price point. They apply my foundation really nice and are much easier to clean that my other goat haired brushes. Don't get me wrong I'm not about to throw away my brush roll full of mac brushes but they certainly are a brilliant alternative if your on a budget! I can't really justify spending £20 plus on one brush these days, especially when there are such great cheaper alternative around! 

I'd love to know what your die hard favourites, maybe its a new obsession or a long term affair! Let me know!


Sunday, 20 January 2019

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